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Sneak Peek into Portfolio 2013! - Pearl Academy
Harmony of shapes, colours and designs often come together to enchant one’s senses in amazing ways. Beyond doubt fashion design is the quintessential element of clothes in todays world. Fashion design engages people and allows them to communicate subliminal messages that talks about their personality and who they are.
At Pearl Academy we encourage students to do just that. Here is a sneak peak at some of the wonderful work done by our fashion design students. More of our work is up for vote through People’s Choice Awards

Collection 1: The Eco Cube-Out of the farm by Resham Karmchandani



Organic is a way of life, a cult that embraces all who wish good for mother earth. Moving along similar lines this collection aspires to introduce eco-fashion as mainstream fashion by changing the stereotypical ‘out of the farm’ image of eco clothing and opening new realms of natural dyeing.

This project is an endeavor supported by The Woolmark Company .The silhouettes realized in wool have been basked with an assortment of natural dyes and natural dyeing techniques such as Rust and Compost dyeing which brings us to the title ‘Out of the farm’. Her aim is to collect the minimum, process as simply as possible and let nature lead the way.

Collection 2: Ganjifa- The playing cards of India by Deepali Bansal



The collection is inspired from Ganjifa- The playing cards of India, which is a craft practiced in Orissa. The prints are taken from the motifs, hand painted on the playing cards. This gives the garment an ethnic feel of India brought to it from Orissa on a background of neutral colors.  The idea is to create a summer wear range for the women aged 20-30. Be it a tea party after office or a casual meet, these casual wear garments will bring you in the mood.

While Resham’s collection focused on a better tomorrow by using eco-friendly clothes and fabrics for her collection to produce dresses which are focused on 20-30 year old women, Deepali’s clothes tap into an important part of Indian culture from Orissa. Both of them are trying to make heritage more wearable but the elements of heritage that they are using are extremely different. Vote for the one you like and get a chance to win gift vouchers from Vero Moda!


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