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Pearlites making Headlines in National Newspapers - Pearl Academy

Since its inception, Pearl Academy has been a nourishing cradle to creativity, design and innovation. The shinning Pearlites from this Academy have been making big in the creative industries. Proving their worth in the rapidly changing world, our students are recognised for their hard work, success and out-of-the box thinking.

Presenting here four such Pearls – Drishti Vij, Suveshi Jain, Avisha Chaudhary, and Sukanya Deepak who have made headlines in the national newspapers recently. One thing that these bright and upbeat minds have in common is ‘uniqueness’ that is making the heads turn and look at the marvelous achievements of our students.

Drishti‘Big Girl in a Thin World’ by Drishti Vij in L’Officiel magazine is a hard hitting and an interactive article where she perfectly describes the mind-set of our society and the complexities related to the debate of skinny versus ‘big’ girls. Drishti says, this debate has gained extra mileage because of the stereotypical display of women in cinema and on the ramp shows which side-lines the ‘over size’ from the skinny n toned ones.

Sharing her insights on this sensitive issue, Drishti emphasizes on the fact that these unkind insecurities impact an individual’s mind, body and soul greatly. She strongly believes that fashion doesn’t have to be serious all the time; being you and having fun is the key, regardless of the size. The norms of the beauty are constantly evolving and with the advent of social media, lot of stylists and fashion bloggers are decipherinSuveshig the appropriate taste for bigger sizes.

Another student Suveshi Jain from our Jaipur campus has made headlines with her work on the theme ‘Save Nature’. For her garments collection – ‘Dying Butterfly’, Suveshi’s effort to raise awareness to save the endangered species of butterflies or mini creatures through her creation has widely been applauded as well as covered by Dainik Bhaskar, a national daily.

10502575_1697297550498595_111685091_nAvisha Chaudhary, student of BA (Hons) in Fashion Media Communication from Pearl Academy invented an App called ‘The Gentlemen’s Club’; the exclusive app that encourages men to shop according to their body-type and personalities. To change the general opinion that men do not wish to indulge too much in shopping, Chaudhary focuses on changing this age old perception and wants more engagement of the male users in this application.

In her endeavour to cater the fashion needs of men, she has created a platform “where men are not just more aware about the latest fashion trends but also know their bodies and personalities better.” Her work has featured in Deccan Herald and also won the award for Most Professional Project during ‘Portfolio’15’.

Sukanya Deepak, student of School of Communication, Media & Film at Pearl, penned down the bittersweet Sukanyamemories of India-Pakistan partition in her book ‘Memoirs of 1947’. Before documenting everything in the book, Sukanya did a lot of research on this sensitive topic which included reading books on partition, watching films on partition and finding people whom she could talk to.

She chose to keep the book interactive by using lot of photographs and also her graphic designing skills to make it look like a long letter that opens and folds like the musical instrument – accordion. The images of withering leaves on each page, printed in sepia tone, add an element of continuity to the documentation that she has done. Deccan Herald made her project as part of its memories by featuring an exclusive article on Sukanya.

Engrossing ideas, touching issues, resourceful thoughts are some of the traits that have been perfectly showcased by our talented Pearlites in their work. Indeed, they never fail to impress with their inventive and innovative thinking.

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