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For You, For Me, For Earth - Pearl Academy

Future holds many challenges for the global fashion industry. Shortage of resources, climate change, demographic change, new technologies, and seismic shifts in the global economy will affect the businesses, customers and the world in ways we find hard to anticipate, let alone prepare for.



The nefarious effects of climate change can be felt everywhere; scientists and experts have taken account of all the man-made errors which are leading towards a worldwide serious issue famously called as Global Warming.
Designers and industry experts fear that the traditional seasonal collections which have formed the backbone of the business may become meaningless due to increasing unpredictability of the weather.

Lasil, student of Post Graduate Fashion Design, Pearl Academy has developed a unique collection which is intended to create awareness about man-made global warming. His collection is inspired by the story of human greed and how it has destroyed the mother earth.

The fashion industry brings many benefits to everyday lives across the globe. Fashion goes beyond simple clothing to express identity, create well-being, embrace creativity and connect global communities. But, like all other industries there’s a negative side to it as well and it is characterised at its worst by factories exploiting workers, generating throwaway fashion, wasting resources and encouraging unsustainable consumption.

Lasil named his project ‘For You For Me For Earth’, The silhouettes are developed from the concept of ‘Heat generation inside a heat furnace’. The shape of industrial chimneys is manipulated in different ways to achieve this goal. The concept of pollution is also used for the same. Textures created show the after-effects of global warming and polluted air. The collection exhibits a combination of structure and fluidity. The colour palette includes black green and different shades of grey and blue.

Wool used for making the apparels is sponsored by Jaya Shree textiles-Aditya Birla Nuvo.

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