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Back to College | Summer internship lessons that will boost your academics - Pearl Academy

In one of our previous blogs, we explored different ways to make summer internships your oyster for new learnings. As you go back to college, having tested the waters of the real-life workplace environment, here’s a question left to explore. How to infuse post-internship learnings into your academics? Let’s solve that puzzle!

Share Stories
You may have a collection of anecdotes and insights from your experience as an intern. Be open to exchanging them with your classmates and faculty. It will not only help make classroom conversations more engaging but will help you gain from an experience different from yours.

Work hand-in-hand
Having worked with colleagues from different backgrounds and departments, an internship makes college group projects seem like a walk in the park. For a positive collaboration, understand team members’ bandwidth, delegate tasks per their expertise, and connect with them regularly to avoid miscommunications.

Manage your to-dos
We frequently face high-pressure scenarios and stringent deadlines during internships. Well, the same can be said about college. To expertly navigate your academics, create a work schedule that works for you, organize coursework, and break down complex tasks into manageable chunks.

Look from a fresh lens
Internships have given us an eye into the practicality of the industry. This knowledge can help you critically analyze problems and come up with solutions that are not just theoretically correct but are applicable in the real world. Try citing internship instances to explain concepts on assignments and worksheets to make your answers more credible.

Strike a balance
Creating harmony between work and personal life is another essential internship takeaway. It is important to take time out for yourself and your hobbies. And what perfect time to explore them than college? Make the best of the platforms provided by college – like clubs, co-curricular activities, and events – where you can develop your persona.

Pick your major
While working as an intern, you might have realized some areas you need to work on and the ones you excel at. It will help you focus on strengthening your skillsets and working on your weaknesses. It would really come in handy in selecting your specialisations and picking up side courses.

Eternal loop of feedback
Being an intern means constantly asking your superiors, “Is this right?” and so should you! Be in the habit of having your work reviewed, whether it be by professionals or faculty. That way you always know where you can further improve and even ace your semester exams.

With a bag full of experiences and a phone full of new contacts, these takeaways from your internship journey can improve your college performance.

A practical experience like an internship opens our minds to embracing change and solving future challenges. We have something for you if you’re up for a challenge to improve yourself and become an industry pioneer. Click here to check out the courses offered by our D School of Business and find your career match!

Wait! You thought that was it? Well, the placement season is right around the corner *wink wink*. Look forward to our tips and tricks as we help you tackle it!

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