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How to ace your summer internship - Pearl Academy

It’s that time of the year. Mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement swirl around in your belly as you start your corporate journey. It can be overwhelming. To be amongst the experienced might make you feel intimidated. We understand. But don’t you worry! We are here to tell you all that we wish somebody had told us.

Internships are the best way to have an exposure of a real-world working environment and acquire a taste of a real job. It helps you build people skills along with technical skills. It’s when you get a chance to meet and interact with people from your desired field of interest, find a role model or a mentor, or land a permanent job. The possibilities are endless. Enter your workplace with an open mind because this is when you will learn the most. Here are some tips to help you turn your internship into an unforgettable journey full of learnings.

1.The early bird gets the worm
Show up on time for meetings, whether virtual or in-person. Complete your tasks before the deadline. It’s important to be punctual. It shows your sincerity towards your work and sets the tone for the rest of the day. So start panic-free and on a positive note!

2.Don’t shy away from asking for more work
Break free from your cocoon and ask for work. It can’t be overstated how crucial it is to ask your mentor for more work. Approaching people for work can be scary but do it anyway and it’ll turn out just fine. If you are open and willing to take on extra work, this brief amount of time might offer you a lot. You will not only be appreciated but also remembered.

3.Reach out to people in different departments
Interacting with people from departments other than yours can prove to be an enriching learning experience. Find a time which suits both of you and interact with them. This will not only help you learn more about the company, but it will also expose you to different perspectives and experiences of a workplace. Listen, talk, and take notes.

4.Don’t hesitate to bring ideas to the table
Be resourceful. Share your ideas, even if you’re not sure about them. No idea is a bad idea! Put on your thinking caps and bring something fresh to the table.
Every challenge is an opportunity to learn something new and there are people all around to help you. So, whenever you find yourself stuck, don’t give up and reach out to your mentors.

5.No question is dumb! Ask them away.
As with asking for help, you can also ask for clarity. Curiosity will broaden your horizon and help you gain a thorough understanding of any subject. Not every question has to be conversation-altering, it just needs to help you put your best foot forward.

6.Deliver your task with diligence
Nothing beats good quality work. Your efforts are evident in the work that you deliver. Do it with complete honesty and earnestness. Take feedback from your mentors/employers and incorporate them in your work. Be it a mundane task or an interesting one, do it with relentless drive.

7.Have fun while you work
You will meet different personalities in the office and there will be something unique about each one of them.Live every moment of this brief time period and soak in as much as you can. If given a chance, go out for lunch, have fun exploring different facets of life and watch yourself grow.

8.Networking is important
This is the time for you to make connections in the industry which will help you in the future. Talk to people, share your ideas, learn from their experiences, ask questions about what motivates them to work, why they like doing what they do. It’s the best way to get some insights into your future.

Internships are the stepping stone to a successful career. So, make the most out of the opportunity. Make mistakes but learn from them. Consider going outside the box. Play around with different job roles. You might surprise yourself and exceed your own expectations!

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