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Unboxed: Five takeaways for Emerging Leaders - Pearl Academy

What could the globally acclaimed individuals like ‘Aviran Yaccob’, ‘Kim Gegur Se Yeon’
and ‘Vijay Yalamanchili’, have in common? The answer is thei representativeness of the gen-next ‘emerging’ leaders.
Being from diverse fields they are willing to innovate, take risks, invest in leadership, team, and self development
while listening very closely to what their people have to say. What’ more, even recent studies indicate they are
reshaping leadership in this flattene and borderless world.
Diversity, inclusion, collaboration, flexibility, authenticity, resilience, and emotional intelligence have been
identified as the top trends in emergin leadership skills in 2023, in a latest report by The Soft Skills Group
(TSSG). Tak the example of Korean national, Kim Geguri Se Yeon–the 19-year-old femal gamer who blasted into male
dominated competitive e-sports arena. She wa accused of cheating owing to her fantastic and near perfect aiming
abilities whil gaming. Though she was cleared after an investigation and understandably, sh was emotionally
impacted, this emerging leader chose to move ahead with he teammates’ unflinching support and them cheering her on,
throughout this dar episode. Incidentally, she’s been named as one of Time Magazine’s nex generation leaders. In an
interview to the magazine Kim said that she would prefe to focus on helping the Dragons win rather than think about
being her gender’ only representative in the Overwatch League, but she understands her obligations.
“Since I am
the only female player in the whole league, I think there are a lot o people who look up to me and see me as a
role model,” Geguri said. “Knowin this, I’m trying a lot harder to inspire others to get to where I am today.”

Why do emerging leaders matter?

Emerging leaders are the next ‘it’ in the leadership space and are increasingly being viewed as the bridge between
multi-generational workforce an management. They are approachable, action oriented, willing to experiment an
refreshingly human with personal accountability. They are also very focuse achievers who will trailblaze their own
paths and encourage others around them.

Tips for Emerging Leaders

  • Be a coach, juggler, team player and a change agent:It’s the age of multi-pronged roles. An emerging
    leader must juggle multiple roles like being a good mentor and leader – leading their team with empathy,
    compassion and emotional intelligence while listening and putting into action what their people want. As team
    players, it’s important for emerging leaders to deal with successes, challenges, and failures with the same elan
    while being inclusive to all diversity. Problem solving empowers the entire team to pitch in, take risks and
    understand that it’s cool to take risks and mess up. Israeli entrepreneur and emerging leader Aviran Yaccob who
    is also the Founder & CEO of Ecoplant—an AI powered solution to reduce industrial waste-highlights that
    having likeminded motivated people on the team is extremely essential to the team spirit.
  • Embrace ambiguity with a smile:Everything won’t have a tailormade solution and the boat will rock in
    choppy waters. With this philosophy in mind, emerging leaders must be ready to deal with anything, lean to
    identify between what is needed versus what is desired, evaluate risks on-the-go and juggle between different,
    often conflicting, decisions. In the long run, this will cement bonds and strengthen the organization while
    working towards the same vision.
  • Set up an agile ecosystem with planned outcomes:Understand the people around you, their stories,
    potential, aspirations, and diverse talents. Trust them to collaborate, take decisions while being in the
    background. Be flexible, adaptive, stick to deadlines, transparent, and communicate with compassion,
    consistency. Always evaluate the impact of all decisions on your people. This in turn leads to more engagement,
    productivity and impactful outcomes. Back home in India, emerging leader Vijay Yalamanchili prefers to create a
    value in every person he interacts with to subtly leverage their potential to the fullest, in an innovative way.
    This engineer, architect and product designer is the Founder and CEO of Keka HR and is counted as one of the
    most successful entrepreneurs today.
  • Be authentic and ethical:The concept of hierarchy has been flattened by a more relatable and humane
    approach to leadership. Therefore, it’s important to share openly, encourage constructive feedback and dialogue,
    give others an opportunity to flourish and take the initiative. The emerging leaders should be self-aware,
    humble, transparent, have emotional control while being willing to dive in whenever required. People value
    leaders who are honest and value them.
  • Self-Develop and inspire:According to a study by Gallup in the corporate and management arena, 10 percent
    of the human population are natural leaders, while another 20 percent have traits to become great leaders after
    training and guidance. Therefore, always ensure you and your team have constant opportunities to upgrade,
    upskill, be flexible, take a break and inspire each other to be the best version of oneself not just in the
    professional world but in personal life as well.
  • According to Deloitte’s 2023 report on Global Human Capital Trends, “The growing leadership gap is likely not due to
    a lack of skills or competence. Instead, it’s more apt to be the result of looking at work and workers through
    yesterday’s lens—based on yesterday’s definitions and boundaries. In a boundaryless world, leadership is less about
    formal authority and hierarchy and more about insight,personal accountability, connection to values, and action.
    This means you’ll need to activate your teams and your workplace in different ways, requiring you to challenge your
    assumptions about what the organization is, who is in it, and how it works.”


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