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Top Interior Design Trends for 2023 - Pearl Academy

2023 is all about new moods. Anything that is playful, glamorous, and dramatic is the
trend today. To
say the least, interior design trends for 2023 are vast and varied. COVID taught us that the flexible
and super easy living will survive in the long run. We are all craving a minimalist vibe now. As
correctly said by Hélène Pinaud of Heju Studio, “Minimalist living is not only about
having a clean home, but also about celebrating nature and authenticity.”

Talking about the latest interior design trends 2023, high contrast décor has gained maximum
attraction. Interior designers across the globe certainly feel that there’s nothing more
underwhelming than an interior that feels too “flat,” and thus the need to add contrast has come
into being. The focus has shifted to bright colours with a splash of black or white to add extra style
and personality. Just remember, balance is essential to any well-designed interior, and employing
thoughtful contrast is just one way to create that sought-after Yin and Yang. When done right, the
high-contrast décor will sit in perfect harmony and will lend a cohesive look to your space.

2023 is all about colours – Dopamine Decor

Depending on your space, one can opt for dark walls or white walls. If you go for a dark colour
palette, remember to use black sensibly. Whether grey or black, opt for bright white trim on ceiling
pelmets and baseboards. White walls and all-white trims lend a fresh and beautiful look,
nonetheless, to make it more exciting, try dark grey on the trim.
Bright turquoise is also very popular right now and lends a touch of ‘beachy’ charm; bright cobalt
blue is also trending as is sunshine yellow or zesty lime green.  Red is classic, but not for the faint of

Choose what you love

Furniture designers are basking in the opportunity to bring people back together again, and this can
be clearly seen in the latest seating options. Designers are encouraging the art of in-person
conversation. They are focusing on offering a relaxed style of seating designs that combine comfort
and everyday practicality, all of this with high-level refinement and ultimate style-desirability. You
must check Bontempi Casa, Edr, and Arflex newest chair and sofa trends. 
If you like to add a personal vibe, you can choose furnishings in bright colours – sofas, chairs, and
ottomans in reds, blues, oranges, and more. For bedrooms, opt for headboard upholstered in a
bright hue, or you can also go for bright linens to add the splash. If you are the subtle kinds, you can
add brightness selectively with the right accessories – cushions, draperies, rugs, and wall hangings.

Optimizing lighting

The more we know what is better for human functioning, the more we’ll see those elements being
incorporated into home interiors. Natural light is one such aspect that is being currently magnified in
coming designs. Designers are basking on natural light with big, bare windows, whites, and reflective

To ensure good lighting in the house, it is essential to create multiple lighting sources that highlight
the room’s focal points and create ambiance. One way of doing this is keeping the windows largely
uncovered to let in natural light during the day.
Remember, the way you place your decor and lights determines how functional your house is. It is a
complementing pair that goes hand in hand at every step. Both artificial and natural lighting must be
used strategically to brighten or even tone down the different parts of the house, to add the illusion
of space in any humble abode.
Since we spend a major part of our time inside the house, it is essential to prioritize comfort and

Play with patterns!

Adding greater character and lending individual expression to the abode is truly the frontrunner for
this year’s design trends. Designers love how patterns add visual interest and warmth. Anything that
has patterns or movement and instantly catches attention and is interesting to touch is home
fashion today. It is time to invest in a few pieces that fascinates the viewers with interesting
patterns, globally inspired motifs, or contrasting accents to add a little bit of drama. Bright wallpaper
is an excellent way to incorporate high-contrast trends – you can opt for a geometric or zigzag or
striped pattern, perhaps even a floral with a black background. Patterned upholstery works equally

Include textures

The idea of stark contrast may seem intimidating at first, but you can soften the look with lighting
choices and warm metal finishes. Neo Deco, which is inclusive of bold geometric forms, rich
materials, and a mix of historic and futuristic elements has been welcomed with open hands. The
addition of brass accents mixed throughout high-contrast interiors is what is trending these days.
Another great way to add texture is by incorporating different textiles in the form of curtains, a nice
tablecloth, rugs, bedding, or simply a throw on the sofa. 
You can also add texture by incorporating planters of different shapes and sizes for it’s all about
bringing life to your space. Books, unique decor pieces, tiles, mirrors, wall art, and small fixtures are
other great ways to make a house look more cozy and complete.

Kitchen reclaims the throne

Kitchen has regained the centre of attention post-confinement. It is no more a place to be kept away
from guests, it has, in fact, become the social hub of a home as people celebrate and re-experience
the pleasure of having friends over. Thus, the need to have a sense of openness in the kitchen has
gained popularity. And that is where island spaces enter the scene, as an interesting way to not only
accommodate family members or guests but also to integrate the kitchen with living room or dining
2023 promises dramatic accents, soft edges, and comfortable pieces. Whatever your style, home
décor trends are sure to make interiors even cozier in the coming years.

By Nikhil Kala
Assistant Professor
Pearl Academy


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