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Students at The Indian Luxury EXPO 2017 at Porsche Centre - Pearl Academy

The Indian luxury Expo is a unique exhibition showcasing leading luxury brands across various lifestyle segments was held over a wine and cheese at the extravagant Porsche centre, Gurugram on February 4 & 5, 2017. The Indian luxury Expo was graced by the Creme de la Creme of Delhi’s social glitterati, UHNI’s and VIP’s. Some of the names that were seen included Ashish Bhasin, Sonali Bhasin, Deepika Krishna, Garima Nagpal, Sheetal Kapoor and many more.

The Indian luxury Expo has evolved as the single largest firm for luxury exhibitions and private showcases, which brings luxury brands and their target audience to connect directly with one another. The expo consists of highly esteemed advisory board and personally invited guests which make it a perfect opportunity for networking.
Participating Brands in The Indian luxury Expo :
 Wilson Audio
 Indiano Pelletteria
 Diani
 Anaikka by Kanika Saluja
 Eikowa
 Madhuri Bhaduri
 The Smoke Company
 Chockriti
 Tempur
 INV Homes
 Chitwan Singh Nanda
 Eventwala
 Wowsome

The Indian luxury Expo gave an opportunity to the students of Pearl Academy studying Luxury Brand Management to come and witness the circle of luxury industry. The job profile allocated to each student was unique and thought upon.

The job profiles included Digital ninja handling social media, RSVP calls, Customer engagement, Brand engagement, Event aesthetics, Crisis Management and Overall Co ordination of the event, were professionally handled by Nikita Tiwari, Aghya Goel, Yashvi Poonia, Minal Dalal, Rony Jacob, Priyanshi Gupta & Sayali Muley.

During this event Pearl Academy students used their soft skills & communication, customer service & understanding of the luxury industry, to develop their Brand Management skills. The event encouraged the students to leap ahead and understand the luxury environment.

We congratulate the students on their outstanding performance during the event and Thank The Indian luxury expo for facilitating Pearl Academy’s participation in this event which was an amazing opportunity to explore and understand the Depth of luxury.

Here is what some of the students have to say –
Nikita Tiwari : (Overall Coordinator) ” This was a great learning experience where we acknowledged the who’s and who’s of the luxury industry very closely. The exposure gave us a chance to learn about the insights of the luxury industry which enhanced our capabilities to understand a brand and its valuation.”

Aghya Goel : (Social Media) “Getting of the benches and entering the luxury atmosphere gave an exceptional learning experience. We understood the functioning and what goes behind making an event. Close interactions with brands spread across various sectors widened the prospectus of luxury for us. Soft skills and life skills learned in Pearl academy made us Perform exceptionally well.”

Yashvi Poonia : “The event served as a great learning experience. It gave us the opportunity to gain experience in the luxury environment where VIP guests had high expectations for the service quality and overall experience. This experience developed the confidence, the ability to speak different stakeholder and the knowledge about the luxury sector.”

Minal Dalal : “The event was the first baby step and first experience into the luxury world. Explring and learning about the known Indian luxury brands was pretty informative. this event boosted up my confidence and communication skill. Introduction to opulent people was over overwhelming. A great event to learn basics of luxury. Would like to take the opportunity of working together again.”

Rony Jacob : “Truth be told the heedless feeling of luxury does exist in India, but the indian Luxury Expo is passionate to create true aspirations and belief of luxury to various individuals. I for once never believed such a platform existed and ceased the opportunity to explore what the Indian Luxury Market is all about and TILE has helped me experienced it in various ways, all in all i hope to be part of the organization sooner or later.”

Sayali Muley : ” The Indian Luxury Expo offered me a basket full of experiences. I leant a lot about managing an event. I got to meet and interact the industry experts, which was amazing. Looking forward to attending and working with TILE again.”

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