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Exploring the changing face of events

Do you ever find yourself flinching while watching a video of a concert from before the pandemic? You are not alone. COVID-19 has made us wary of any sort of mass gathering. What does this mean for the event industry?

Events proved to be an effective way of engaging with people and creating memorable experiences for them. The pandemic brought events to an abrupt halt, pushing companies to innovate to keep the magic of events alive. Let’s look at how the entertainment industry completely evolved during the past two years.

Tickets to the computer screens

Virtual events are here to stay, but more so in a hybrid manner. Even once the pandemic is long over, every event taking place will allow people to attend virtually.

Technologies such as Virtual Reality, 360-degree virtual videos, etc. give us a chance to experience the event in a way that is closer to reality. Recording the event live and letting people attend virtually is also an opportunity being explored to keep the gathering to a minimum. A fitting example is the phygital fashion show hosted by Lakme Fashion Week

Adventure next door

Localization was something brands had started focusing on in the past few years to better reach their audiences from distinct parts of the world. The post-pandemic world will only see a rise in localized events to increase the number of attendees. It will help people who are not comfortable travelling far still get involved. Even virtually, there is a possibility of more intimate events taking place, be it shows or concerts, where the audience can form more of a community and interact better with one another.

Goodies are good!

To help enhance people’s experiences by getting all their senses involved, a great idea is to send gift boxes, or swag bags before the event. This is more possible in the case of smaller and cozier events. For example, a movie screening gift box can consist of goodies such as popcorn, comfy cushions, a ticket stub, and a room freshener that smells like the cinema! Sending a package of delicacies can make people attending an exclusive food festival feel like they are physically present at the location.

Exploring the metaverse

With Facebook turning into Meta and Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitious vision about the company’s future, virtual worlds might soon become a reality. This would result in the existence of virtual spaces where people can create their avatars and enter a separate world online, interact and engage with people, and build a complete life virtually. Virtual stores are another thing that will open an array of opportunities for brands to create distinct experiences for their customers.

The future certainly holds a tonne of possibilities and excitement. It will be the youth bringing these possibilities alive. If you’re the person looking towards further transforming the industry, our course Professional Event & Experience Management will give you the perfect chance. Our expert-led classes do not just give you an A to Z understanding of events, they also train your mind to constantly innovate, smoothly navigate crises, and discern future trends. Know more about the course here.

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