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In a world that’s constantly on the move, a picture is a perfect way to pause, reflect, remember, and tell stories. A photograph has the power to transfer you to any corner of the world. It can bury you in the nostalgia of memories long forgotten, give you an entryway into the lives of those that came and went before you. A picture can make you feel all kinds of emotions. Therefore, we’re bringing you a collection of photographs that are awe-inspiring in their unique ways.

Taken by a Houston-based photojournalist, Go Nakamura, the photo perfectly captures the turmoil the world went through in the past two years of the global pandemic. It highlights a range of raw emotions – pain, loneliness, empathy, and most importantly, how the thread of humanity ties us all together.

This stunning photo shows how even an inanimate object can be shot in a manner that leaves the viewer mesmerized. The details of the water droplets emphasizing the movement of the ball make it a truly phenomenal picture.

A brilliant example of deploying shadow play in photography, this image is an optical illusion of sorts. In the ariel shot taken by George Steinmetz, the bright lines are actual camels, and the black shapes are just their shadows. It’s all about perspective, after all!

This picture was taken by California-based architectural photographer Ingo, whose photography is often likened to contemporary abstract paintings. His usage of pastel colors, fine lines, and unique angles add a new depth to the architecture he shoots and pays homage to minimalism.

Shot by Shane Kalyn, the black and white picture won him the Wildlife photographer of the year 2021. The intimate moment between a raven couple captured in the frame makes you feel like being let in on nature’s secret.

This image of the moon broke several records when clicked by 16-year-old Indian Astro-photographer, Prathamesh Jaju. The clearest photo ever of the moon was achieved by merging 5000 images and holds immense scientific value. More than anything, it’s a perfect example of breathtaking photography.

Indonesian photographer, Aditya Permana, clicked this image where a relaxed dragon lizard seems to be playing the guitar. Not only does it remind us of the humor all around us and the mysterious things nature is up to, but it also serves as a lesson that photography is all about patience and waiting for the right moment that leads to a delightful shot.

Santosh Korthiwada captures simple moments that tell a meaningful story. This picture featuring only the eye of a child speaks to the viewer in unimaginable ways. According to him, the key to a good photo is the vision of the photographer.

This photo called ‘The spider room by Gil Wizen’ might be eerie to look at, but it illustrates how important angles and perspectives are while taking a picture. Gil Wizen used forced perspectives to make the spider appear even bigger than it was. It’s, however, safe to say that it must have been far more terrifying in reality.

Nick knight’s photographs are always based on surrealism, and he adds a digital touch to add to this effect. He believes in setting a scene and is always eager to add innovation and experiment with the latest trends in his images. His fashion photography is exquisite and challenges the conventional views about beauty.

Bobby Haas shot a once-in-a-lifetime photo in which flamingos are gathered in the shape of a flamingo! According to him, photography is all about surprising people with your images, which is why he focuses on patterns, lights, and colors to bring out unexpected scenes.

Photographs are not just a pleasure to look at but can be highly rewarding for photographers as well. It’s fantastic to be able to express yourself through images and make the viewer feel exactly what you want them to. If you have the knack to capture exceptional moments with the click of a button, our #SchoolOfContemporaryMedia is waiting to help you make your mark. To know more, click here

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