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"Say what again? I dare you, I double dare you!" - A Graphic Novel On Sexism - Pearl Academy

Sexism: Prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.
All this against women and you think there’s not going to be a comeback?

Long gone are the days when the escape from all this misery was staying quiet.

Silence isn’t the answer for someone who can’t sense it. And as we talk about sense, this comic strip might knock some of it into the insensitive men!

This comic is based off the Rajasthani storytelling art form; Kaavad, which in this sense has been used to tell the daily bouts of sexism that women face and the perfect reply to all those remarks that we’re tired of hearing over and again.

Click! Snap! Clapback!
Here’s a strip of all that nonsense.

A graphic novel by Devika Kohli, Student – School of Foundation

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