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Sameer’s Den and the Awesome Learning on the Sets of TCI - Pearl Academy

The compact room was filled with quirky little things that enhanced the aesthetics of the whole place. With bright yellow smiles hanging from the roof and ferry lights twinkling over the cozy wooden desk, Sameer Kulavoor left no stones unturned to decorate his work space as creatively as his unique illustrations.

An artist, an illustrator and a creator- Sameer Kulavoor is one such self-made personality that works within the area of contemporary illustrations, graphic design and art.

A recognition from the Luhrzers Archive 200 best illustrations, D&AD, The one show, Communication Arts, The Arts design magazine and Computer Arts Projects are just some of his many achievements at such a young age.
He’s also made it to the Forbes list of 30 under 30, won the Kyoorius Black Elephant in 2014 and collaborated with Sir Paul Smith to release a series of 4 Ghoda cycle t-shirts globally.

An inspiration to every young Indian who wants to make it big in the creative field, his simplicity, warm nature and his eye for finding beauty in little things is what makes him stand out.

The whole experience of working with The Creative Indians for this episode has been incredible and the memories are going to be cherished forever.

As someone who studies design, it was interesting to see someone of such great caliber represent a generation that understands how important creativity is in our day to day lives. Kulavoor’s “out of the box” thinking makes illustrations seem more relatable and adds the color that one needs in life. His work is a perfect mixture of quirk and uniqueness which is what sets him apart from other illustrators.

It was nice to spend a day with someone who’s so passionate and dedicated towards his work. If you have some spare time, do check out Kulavoor’s website and browse through his phenomenal pieces of work as they’d give you an insight into how creative his mind is. Just like reading a chirpy book with warm cup of coffee, this episode was super fun to work on. Now that’s what we call an exposure and are thankful to Pearl Academy for giving us an opportunity to learn from the best!

Sakshi and Hasanthi,
Pearl Academy, Mumbai

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