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Pune Design Festival 2020 Powered By Pearl Academy - Pearl Academy

2018 seems like it was ages ago, doesn’t it? That’s a testament to the greatly quickened pace of innovation in the world we live in. It was in 2018 that Association of Designers of India and Pearl Academy came together for the Pune Design Festival. We explored “Designism” and its fundamental integration within lives, having become an ideology itself while attempting to bring an intuitive approach to design possibilities and practices. In just two years, progress switched gears yet again, and we found ourselves back at the “Crossroads” of cultural shifts, craft, technology, innovation defining the design of tomorrow. And yet again we set about exploring the dynamic vistas of future inspired creation as an answer to the hurtling – and in consequence chaotic – pace of present-day development.

It was a disruption packed schedule of panel discussions, talks, workshops, work showcases and networking sessions for our illustrious designers in making with some of the brightest voices of the industry – a platform to get up to speed with the groundbreaking trends in design and hobnob with those ushering in the change much before even most professionals would. And the cherry on the top? A clean sweep of the ADI #BattleofProjects Awards by all 10 of our 10 student nominees. It really was a stellar show, even if we say so ourselves!

Opening the festival, Suresh Venkat – new media champion and television industry veteran – highlighted the role of design as an enabler in bridging contrasts and handling extremes, highlighting the winds of change at the turn of the decade. Onground where the who’s who of creative diasporas talking on areas ranging from designing for the increasingly hard to decode consumer psyche and creative thinking for life solutions beyond aesthetics – like Dabbawalas of Mumbai – to design taking onus in countering devastating effects of unplanned development on earth and even in space…not a hyperbole to say the design will design the future is it?!

Adding to the electric dialogues at #PDF2020, our president, Prof. Nandita Abraham moderated a panel discussion on ‘Education At Crossroads’ exchanging views with pioneering educators from leading national institutes on how teaching methods must evolve with technology and the ever-changing demands of creative professions. Taking the theoretical to the practical, our School of Design Dean Alex Velasco held a workshop on ‘Design Practice At Crossroads’ – an immersive session where the audience experimented with blueprints of convention-defying concepts, function-driven creation and future-oriented innovations.

Going back to our students, and our torchbearers, who created and displayed some truly though evoking and groundbreaking projects straddling the worlds of Film & Animation, Graphic Design, UI/UX, and Industrial Design – projects that would put even the seasoned professionals to shame. And the proof of the pudding, like we mentioned earlier, was in all 10 of the nominated students winning (BIG) at the closing awards ceremony. Their sense of unshakeable purpose and visceral need to create, innovate and dedicate to design (industry) driving a holistic tomorrow is inspirational in megalithic proportions… and no we aren’t exaggerating!

As we call it a day on sweet reminiscing of our recent outstanding rendezvous with design, here’s looking forward to an even better showing at #PDF2021. Here’s to disruption, innovation and exemplary future creation. And if you want to be a part of the path-breaking design language we are building at Pearl Academy, good news for you! Our School of Design applications are now open. A click here, disruption ahead!

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