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Pearl Academy’s Ode To Jaipur - Pearl Academy

Jaipur, the city majestic. Its regal architecture, royal history and, of course, its hospitality is the reason why it is called the “Pink City”. This city is a beehive of artists and we, Pearl Academy, have the honor of being not just a part of such a vibrant community.

Jaipur Design Carnival was our ode to this beautiful city. We made sure we extended the hospitality of Jaipur to our guests, with numerous pop-up stalls for shopaholics and food enthusiasts.

The first day of the Jaipur Design Carnival was highlighted by the “Conversation on Design: Design Fusion or Confusion?” Hosted by some of the most prominent names and industry leaders such as Manish Malhotra, Prof. Kiran Mahajani (an architect and the Principal & Director of Aayojan Schools of Architecture), Shamini Shanker (a writer, sportswoman and the co-founder of SS+PF Architects) Chirag Nainani (Pearl Academy alumni of the 2012 Batch, founder of Chirag Nainani label) and Namita Bhandari (Pearl Academy alumni of the 2011 Batch, one half of Azga, a niche accessories label for men). The conversation was highly interactive and well received by those who witnessed it take place.

Jaipur Design Carnival was all about learning about craft indigenous to the land. From the “Make And Learn Toys” workshop by Lalon (Host, “The Art Room”), the “Lime Jali” workshop by Ar. Nischal Jain & Ar. Kavita Jain (renowned architects from Jaipur) to the “Patwa” workshop (by Babulalji Patawa, a local artisan who has carried on the tradition of this thread art, a special craft mainly by this Hindu community), the diversity of learning was in abundance.

How can we talk about creative genius and not brag about our graduating students? To commemorate our geniuses, we made they got the limelight they so very deserve. The Portfolio event consists of a Fashion Theatrical Performance, a new-format theatrical fashion show which consisted an elaborate stage performance featuring the exemplary fashion creations of the graduating batch, the very batch that won the highest accolade at Mood Indigo (IIT Mumbai). The night was made perfect by an amazing musical night by Omar Farooq, a Bhapang group (an instrument made from the hollow shell of a dry pumpkin called Tumbi). The guests also witnessed an audio visual DJ performance by DJ Akshat Panwar, who is known for his extraordinary music fused with graphic mixing.

Jaipur Design Carnival came into existence simply for the purpose of celebrating Jaipur and its artists that we house. We wanted to celebrate with Jaipur and one thing is clear from all this, we did all this and more. See you next year, Jaipur!

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