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New-Age Advertising and Marketing Processes that you Should be Aware of - Pearl Academy

The concepts of advertising and marketing today are no longer similar to what it was earlier, say around a decade ago. Consumer’s habits and lifestyles have significantly changed over the years, and this means that the advertising and marketing industry has to re-evaluate and interpret the actual reasons why people are making their purchases. This rapid evolution is taking place in a host of industries – enhancing a variety of business functions and processes. These developments are changing people’s careers and companies’ fortunes.

The digital era has brought about a comprehensive transformation in how a brand markets and promotes its products. Businesses all over the globe are riding on this new wave of technology and accruing all the benefits this form of marketing brings. Conversely, a few unfortunate brands are losing out on customers as well, due to the fact they may not have the right knowledge and expertise for it. Some of the eye-catching trends emerging in recent years can be elucidated on below –

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

It can be observed how the applications of artificial intelligence have greatly impacted the way businesses understand and interpret the behaviour and characteristics of their buyers. AI plays a critical role in personalising and automating digital and even traditional communications.

Integrated Online, Social, and Mobile Marketing

In the modern age, businesses have often indulged in either one of online, social, and mobile marketing, but rarely integrated a campaign involving all three. Doing this will eliminate redundancies, improve efficiency, and fully leverage content across these three major platforms.


As influencer-tracking technologies have grown in prominence, brands are becoming better equipped at implementing and managing large networks of high-engagement, low-following micro influencers for their social media campaigns. This relatively unexplored market will enable brands to avoid the high costs of mid- to high-level influencers and invest in more down-to-earth and unique influencer marketing.

For individuals wishing to enter the realms of advertising and marketing and be at par with the latest industry trends, it is extremely important to attain a specialised and relevant education along the same lines.
Another factor to consider is the importance of understanding international trends and thought processes. Pearl Academy has a global partnership with Torrens University, Australia, and this association offers students hands-on practical experience and international exposure in the domain of advertising and marketing. Along with these opportunities, the University has a gamut of experienced faculty like the famous producer Vivek Vaswani.

In order to succeed in a career in the advertising and marketing industry, aspirants must understand how the digital era has altered marketing and advertising channels. For instance, television and radio are no longer considered the norm when it comes to promotion. This is due to the fact that more and more people are moving to streamable services and opting for online media formats.

There is limitless potential in the future for individuals seeking a career in marketing and advertising. However, they must prepare themselves with the right new-age marketing and advertising processes to take advantage of this bright future.

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