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By Sukhmeet Singh, Senior Lecturer, Fashion Styling

Looking for inspiration to elevate your makeup game? Explore the latest celebrity makeup trends! From bold lips to glowing skin, graphic eyeliner, and statement lashes, these trends have dominated the beauty scene in recent years. With endless creativity in the beauty industry, these trends serve as a perfect source of inspiration for individuals to experiment and personalise these looks according to their style and preferences. So, why not add a burst of colour to your lips, define your brows, or try a new eyeliner style? With these celebrity-inspired makeup trends, you can enhance your makeup skills and make heads turn wherever you go!

Dewy Glowing Skin:

Achieving a natural, radiant complexion is a universal desire. Celebrities often showcase luminous, dewy skin with a healthy glow. This trend emphasises well-hydrated skin, accentuating the high points of the face and using illuminating products for a fresh and youthful appearance.

Defined Brows:

Well-groomed and defined brows continue to be a popular trend. Celebrities emphasise their brows by filling them in with pencils, powders, or gels, aiming for a professional and structured look. The focus is on enhancing the natural shape of the brows and defining the arch.

Bold Lips:

Celebrities embrace bright and dramatic lip colours to make a statement. They fearlessly experiment with various shades to express their personality and feel empowered. Bold lips add a splash of colour and serve as a focal point in an overall makeup look, ranging from classic reds to deep berries and unconventional tones like blues and purples, and delicate nude pink lipstick.

Smoky Eyes:

Celebrities adore the timeless smoky eye style. Achieved by blending black eyeshadows for a sensual, smouldering effect around the eyes, this look has evolved with colourful variations using deep purples, blues, or metallics. Glitter and shimmer have also become popular, adding a touch of glamour to eyes and cheeks.

Natural and Minimalist Makeup:

A cult classic, the “no-makeup” makeup trend is embraced by celebrities. This style emphasises a natural, fresh-faced appearance with minimal product application. It involves enhancing natural features using lightweight foundations, sheer lip tints, subtle blush, and soft, neutral eyeshadows.

Graphic Eyeliner:

Celebrities experiment with bold and imaginative eyeliner looks, incorporating geometric shapes, winged liner variations, or unconventional placements. This trend adds an edgy and fashion-forward element to makeup looks.

Statement Lashes:

Dramatic lashes have become a celebrity favourite. Long and fluttery lashes instantly enhance a cosmetic look, achieved through volumising mascaras, false lashes, or lash extensions. Thick, lush lashes are chosen by celebrities to amplify the definition and allure of their eyes. Creative eyelashes, as seen on Lady Gaga during the Met Gala 2018 or on the runway created by Romero Jennings and Pat Mc Magrath, showcase the trend.

Metallic Silver-Toned Eyeshadow:

Cool, icy metallic tones of silver and blue were super popular back then, and it feels like they are making a comeback this year.

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