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How to Become an Image Makeover Consultant? - Pearl Academy

In a world where the industry is rapidly growing, and the future beholds a very competitive streak, it doesn’t matter whether you are an individual or a business owner, whether you work from home or in a corporate set-up, you have to look presentable. What matters is the impression you create and the way you present yourself in front of others.

If you are someone who is always curious to help people with their clothing and appearance, then becoming an Image Consultant is the right career choice for you. Ideally, an image consultant has an excellent personality and can connect well with people.

Below is a roadmap for all the new-age image consultant aspirants:

Get a diploma/certification
Most of us, if not all, think of ourselves as image consultants by advising people around us on their appearance and how to make it look appealing. However, that is not enough. It would help if you were trained in every element. Having a certified diploma will help you in widen your knowledge about this field.

Enter the Job Market
Once you get an institutional backing, it’s time to enter the job market. You can either set-up your business or join an apparel shop as a personal shopper. Apparel shops employ personal shoppers to help clients select the clothing. They also attract private clients by offering seminars and classes on image, business etiquette, and personal presence.

Advance your career
A successful image consultant shall keep abreast with the new styles and trends by keeping an eye on the industry publications and journals. Image consultants who hold a license as cosmetologists might have to keep renewing their licenses. Your drive and motivation will largely determine your success as an image consultant.

Appropriate synonymous degrees or a specialised certification in image consulting is highly needed to gain value and credibility. It is crucial for cultivating the necessary business and entrepreneurship skills as a majority of image consultants are in the business for themselves.

Pearl Academy offers one of the best image consultant courses, where the institution aims to groom young individuals to become industry-ready professionals. Being a Pearlite, you get access to Pearl’s alumni networking events, the-art labs and library, gala graduation with convocation, and masterclasses by industry experts along with an opportunity to attend fashion weeks and design festivals. If you are curious to give yourself and others an image makeover, then click here to apply.

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