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How New-Age Learning Methodologies are Employed at Pearl Academy - Pearl Academy

The importance and need for relevant education have been consistent since the turn of the century – however, it’s the methodology and process in which learnings are imparted that has regularly enhanced over time. There was an era not too long ago when a classroom consisted of three fundamental elements – a teacher, students, and a board. Furthermore, the rapid development of technology has completely revamped the definition of a classroom itself, to the point where the three elements mentioned above are secondary.

This is essentially what the notion of Education 4.0 is all about – planning educational goals with modern and contemporary technology to maximize learning. Education has to be made easily accessible for generations that are increasingly up-to-date when it comes to these new-age devices, services, and anything else along the same lines.

Pearl Academy, as a premier institute, aims to integrate these functions in their educational programmes, at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Pearl has curated a unique model of education, which can be referred to as the Total Learning System. Students are aided with career direction and counselling which are developed to help them recognise their strengths and opportunities for their development, career aims, moral values, and ethics. A series of interactions with industry experts ensure that students are ready to enter the industry. It provides them exposure to innovative approaches and ideas that inspire them to hone new skills, think laterally, become effective dilemma solvers, and take active steps into their professional careers.

The prevalence of international faculty and students guarantees that every student is exposed to global beliefs and thought processes. This helps students harness a global context aiming at decision-making, cognitive thinking, emotional competence, and creativity. Through the ‘Open Lab’ concept, students across all the four campuses can avail the chance to collaborate learning under one roof through an array of creative workshops and activities.

Pearl Academy has also applied the concepts of digital learning or blended learning in their curriculum. The unique programmes have been designed with the motive of creating gratifying opportunities and comprehensive development of the students. These courses incorporate online education to enhance the entire learning experience of a future graduate. The future graduating batches are millennials who are more knowledgeable, conscious, determined, interactive, and undeviatingly seeking avenues to new arenas. Moving beyond orthodox classrooms, these students prefer the usage of digital platforms to intensify their skills at their comfort and pace.

Pearl has leveraged digital learning expertise from various international universities. These alliances ensure students are up to pace with international trends and learning techniques. Some of the new-age future ready programmes offered by Pearl, under the ‘Pearl Edge’ courses include – Mobile Journalism, Contemporary Photography, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogging, and Wedding Planning, among others.

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