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Fashion forays into the metaverse - Pearl Academy

Metaverse has stirred the world in recent times and it didn’t spare the fashion industry, of course! From work to play, socialise to shop, this creative digital environment has a plethora of options to explore.

Fashion has passed on from the physical to the virtual world as Gen Zs continue to traverse the digital arena. Tech-savvy consumers are at an all time high and the fashion industry has left no stone unturned, nor is it aspiring to.

Understanding the metaverse mindset will open a portal to many possibilities. Splurging on personal style is an act of self-expression for consumers today, and one can now express themselves in the virtual space with the metaverse. Creating one’s own virtual persona with a liberty to explore numerous fashion outlets is a boon. Creating avatars with an ever-changing appearance style can be a medium of an affluent expression of our style.

It is safe to say that we are at the tipping point where the fashion game is going to take a drastic change of perception and application. Technology has opened a gateway for new business models and brands to leverage virtual fashion. Brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Nike and Balenciaga have already dipped their feet in the metaverse. An outstanding crossover of fashion and gaming has blurred the lines of how we perceive virtual fashion. The first ever metaverse fashion week was held from 24-28th March 2022, curated by Selfridges, a London based shopping giant, on Decentraland. The event featured some of the iconic luxury fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Etro to name a few.

Virtual fashion has an underlying environmental advantage attached to it. A recent study stated that virtual clothes slack down the carbon footprint and reduce CO2 emissions by 97%. On switching the physical samples with the digital ones, a brand can reduce wastage of water, approximately, by 3,300 litres per piece of clothing. Digital clothing also helps reduce the issues related to overproduction of clothes, which is a major problem with today’s fashion industry. A company can reduce its wastage in terms of overproducing different pieces of clothing. Instead, they can use the digital pieces for modelling, sampling, and marketing before getting these pieces physically manufactured.

The evolution of fashion and design technology gives designers the liberty to let their imagination run wild. No more can a piece of clothing be tagged as impractical. Metaverse actually provides a platform where the avatars can wear any type of design, fabric, and style. It gives consumers a space to play with their style to a large degree, which they couldn’t have otherwise explored in the physical realm.

Metaverse is remodelling the fashion industry. If you too aspire to make groundbreaking changes to the industry, we are here to help you. Our School of Fashion offers a space to push your creative boundaries and bring spectacular designs to life. Click here to learn how.

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