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Expand your Career with the Events and Experiential Marketing Course - Pearl Academy

Throughout our lives, we have been accustomed to the events happening around us. Even birthday parties were events in the form of occasions. However, these events do not sum up the field or course of Events and Experiential Marketing course.

The Events and Experiential Marketing program at Pearl Academy focuses on direct communication channels through events and creating experiences, through roadshows, branded events, IPR events, corporate events, social-political events, religious events, international events, televised events, among others. It trains talent necessary for business development in events space, client servicing, sponsorship sales, event design, budgeting and operations management, event laws and permissions, integrating with mass media and social media, and event documentation and archiving.

Difference between Event Management and Event-Experiential Marketing

Event Management is an enormous field with various departments. For anyone unfamiliar with the events industry, different roles and titles involved can be confusing. Perhaps even the terms like ‘Event Marketer’ and ‘Event Manager’ are perplexing. However, there is a thin line of difference between Event Management and Event Marketing. Event Marketing involves business development in events space, client servicing, sponsorship sales, event design, budgeting and operations management. It is related to market the experience of events, integrating it with mass media and social media.

Essentially, the Events and Experiential Marketing course opens up multiple avenues for marketers. While digital marketing tools like Video and Email Marketing helps the brand in establishing a social media presence, Experiential Marketing helps them create a voice in the real world through hoardings, pamphlets, print ads and radio stations.
This interactivity speaks to the true nature of experiential marketing and its power. The more interactive and engaging an event is, the more memorable it will be for the consumer.

Careers in Events and Experiential Marketing courses

To venture in this field, you need a professional certificate which enhances your creative mind and gives you the credibility to call yourself an ‘Event Marketer’.After the certification, you can apply for the position of Event Business Developers, Event Client Servicing Managers, Event Designers, Event Creative Producers, Event Operations Managers, among a plethora of other job roles.

Given the rapid change in the events market, there is no dearth of jobs in the dynamic industry of event marketing. If you have a sight for this field, you know what to expect and where to apply.

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