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A brief analysis of the exponential rise of the gaming industry

Over the years, have you spent your time obsessively crushing candy or chasing after Pokémons throughout the city? You are not alone. Video games have rapidly come out of their niche and come into the mainstream in terms of popularity.

This has happened partly because of the plethora of possibilities being opened by advancements in technology such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality), and VR (Virtual Reality). This is an exciting time for gamers, with unimaginable things becoming a reality, and the e-gaming industry seizing the opportunity.

Another key factor in the huge takeover of video games or e-sports was played by the pandemic. Sitting at home, so many of us turned to online games to cut boredom or connect with friends. Everyone seemed to have Ludo and Scrabble installed on their devices. The pandemic also pushed non-gamers to try their hand at games and thus introduced a large chunk of audiences to the wonders of gaming.
Apart from players, it also pushed heaps of programmers into developing games.

The new talent coming in to develop games led to an influx of creativity, new ideas, and more innovations in the gaming environment. Increased popularity led to more investments, which in turn allowed for newer experiments using better technologies. This has immensely improved the player experience, with enhanced graphics, detailed storylines, and immersive technologies.

Imagine being able to enter a completely different world and going on an adventure ride whenever you want! This is exactly how it feels like, with games that engage all the senses, turning the virtual world into a reality.

There has also been a huge shift in the gaming culture, not only has e-sports become more relevant for gamers, but also for audiences who like to watch the games unfold just like watching traditional sports. In 2021, there were approx. 17 million viewers in India alone. This number is expected to go up to 85 million by 2025.
Many professional playing leagues have come into existence that organize various tournaments and matches for e-sport enthusiasts.

This is only the beginning. E-sports and video games are set to further be revolutionized as we move forward and invent new ways of utilizing technology. If you have a passion for gaming and want to drive this transformation, our Game Design course is tailor made for you. With world-renowned designers from the industry as mentors, it will be the perfect doorway for you to turn your skills into one of the most exciting careers out there! Know more about our course here.

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