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Designing the perfect package for modern day consumers - Pearl Academy

We always consciously or subconsciously gravitate towards things with an alluring physical appeal in the material world. With the importance that visual appeal and functionality hold, most industries must consider aesthetics when creating or designing products.

Moreover, because first impressions are so crucial in the shopping experience, well-designed product packaging could help get products into the hands of potential customers.

Therefore, it’s critical to choose a design and colors that will appeal to customers and urge them to pick up your goods, as well as high-quality packing materials. Thus, the product packaging reflects the contents of the package as well as the brand as a whole.

Packaging is also a powerful way of communicating with your consumers. Now, consumers are offered a plethora of choices for the same product. Because of this, for your product to truly stand out of the crowd, you must bring in innovation through your visual and aesthetic appeal.

The external appearance of a product plays a significant role in your customer’s perception as it gives the brand and the product identity, which often catches the eye of your audience.

It helps your audience recognize your brand immediately in a sea of others. An excellent example of this is the beverage brand ‘Paper Boat’. Known for their unique package design, Paper Boat is now a customer favorite, not only for their tasty drinks but also their unique Doypack packaging that gives the consumer the feeling of squeezing a fruit. Good packaging provides the product with an edge over the other.

Your packaging is more than a mere container for your product. It is the final step that convinces customers to buy the product. Apart from giving it an identity, the packaging also improves the functionality of your product. The packaging protects your product or gives your customers important instructions; whatever purpose it serves, your message must reach the audience, and your package serves its purpose.

In addition to being invited, your packaging design also adds to the benefits the products offer and increases convenience for the user. An excellent example of this is Indulekha Bhringa Hair Oil. Their patented product packaging includes a comb-shaped cap which makes the oil application process easy and quick. The introduction of this new cap resulted in a 30% increase in sales for the hair oil company.

Design is an essential facet in a consumer market. It improves the quality of your product. Sometimes, it results in an immediate sales increase. Other times, it improves brand perception in the eyes of your potential and future customers and acts as a communication tool between you and your audience.

Designing the packaging of a fast-selling product requires a lot of creativity, and design thinking, which can be inculcated through industry experience and a hands-on learning experience.

Therefore, to ensure that you bring the best skills to the table and are equipped with the principles of the industry, it becomes crucial to get your training and education from the best resource available. Through Pearl Academy’s Product Design course, students will acquire new skills and explore new avenues that will diversify their portfolios. Pearl Academy offers a state-of-the-art Product Design program that lets students explore the industry through fieldwork and practical experience to accelerate their growth.

If you’re passionate about designing sustainable, innovative products and packaging, check out our course here.

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