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Design Internship Experience: How Pearl Academy student Tanisha learns to convert wild ideas into saleable proposition - Pearl Academy

Interning under a well-known fashion designer is quite different from undergoing training at a design organisation. Working directly with the designer lets you understand the gravity of matter in a more precise manner. Careers360 brings an exclusive Design Internship Experience series of popular design school students and their Internship experiences.

Tanisha, a Bachelors in Fashion Designing student of Pearl Academy interned with the popular designer Amit Aggarwal, known for using recycled plastics and industrial materials for his prêt line and couture line. She shares that while working with him, she learned that the most crucial responsibility of a designer is to serve his/her clients with variety and range.

Read her interview below:

Careers360: Where did you complete your fashion internship from? What was the size of the organisation and your training period?

Tanisha: I had the opportunity to intern with Amit Aggarwal for a time period of four months. It is a medium scale organisation which comprises of more than a hundred employees and karigars.
Careers360: In which semester do the students have to go for internship? Is that compulsory for everyone?

Tanisha: No, it is not compulsory to opt for an internship. Our college offers three options to its students to complete their sixth semester. They can opt from:

1) An exchange programme

2) 4 month industry internship

3) 2 month industry internship + 2 month craft project

Careers360: What were your thoughts before participating in the internship process? Did you focus on any particular domain?

Tanisha: In the previous semester, I realised that I could fuse fabric manipulation with pattern making. So, I decided to expand my knowledge of understanding the relationship of materials with garment and human body. I felt that Amit sir and I shared a similar sense of aesthetic that combines structure with drape. Also, I was keen on learning how he establishes the connections of uncanny materials with highly wearable garments. Furthermore, I wanted to identify what kind of market is keen on buying such experimental garments.

Careers360: Please share the details of your project and your role in it.

Tanisha: Amit Aggarwal branches to 2 lines; AM.IT (pret) and Amit Aggarwal (couture). I was involved in sampling process of couture garments that cater to his Middle Eastern clients, and are showcased in the Paris Fashion Week. I helped in coordinating production process of his A/W’18 collection. I was a part of design development of his upcoming SS’19 collection as well. Besides this, I also contributed a few ideas in terms of silhouette and textiles for couture garments that serve to an Indian client.

Careers360: What were the key challenges you faced during your internship?

Tanisha: The biggest challenge was to limit my creativity and shape it in accordance with the client and brand. I was fortunate enough to understand how to do so because our fifth semester comprised a project which prepared us for that.

Careers360: What were your key learning after completing the internship?

Tanisha: Besides just understanding how the organisation works, I also witnessed the smallest steps taken to attain the ‘luxurious factor’ of a garment.

Careers360: How did your mentor help you execute the project?

Tanisha: My academic mentor helped me realise my strengths and guided me in using them to get the best out of my internship.

My industry mentor constantly inspired me and helped me understand how to convert wild ideas into a wearable and saleable proposition.

Careers360: How was your interaction with other employees during your internship period? Would you like to go back to the same place for a job?

Tanisha: Because I was involved in both – designing and production process, I could understand the working of the organisation. As a result, I interacted with all the employees, and understood their roles and contributions.
Knowing that the label has a lot to offer in terms of professional development and a healthy work environment, I would love to go back to the same place and cater to its growth.

Careers360: Did you get any monthly stipend during the fashion internship period?

Tanisha: No, I didn’t receive any monthly stipend, but I gained a lot of knowledge there in terms of theory and practice.

Careers360: Is it important for a student to do an internship? What values can be gained?

Tanisha: Yes, it is very important for a student to undergo an internship because it connects your learning experiences of college with the industry. It helps us realise our strengths and weaknesses at the right time so that we can focus on them further to become a better industry professional.

Careers360: Please share a memorable incident from your internship days.

Tanisha: The A/W’18 collection was only few days away from flying to Paris, and I had the responsibility to create the merchandising book (consisting of a variety of colour options for a buyer to pick from), which called for 152 swatches. For this, I had to arrange all the fabrics, embellishments, and dyeing to happen within a short deadline of three days. This meticulous process made me realise the importance and the need to serve a client with variety and range. Also, I learnt how vital it is to paint a clear picture of the process.

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