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Dancing on the poles with Aarifa Bhinderwala - Pearl Academy

It’s motivating to see someone follow their heart and make a wonderful career out of it.

Aarifa Bhinderwala is one such inspiration to all. Her body moves like freely flowing water that is treating our eyes. The strength in her arms, the beats on her face and lastly the happiness on her face when she’s on the pole makes us believes that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. A trip to Perth, Australia is what changed Bhinderwala’s life.

She went to pay a visit to her sister but came back with a new found love for pole dancing. She saw an advert for pole dancing and decided to try it out. It was the first inversion which made her fall in love with this art and since then there was no looking back.

Bhinderwala is an inspiration to every youth who’s figuring it out in life. She’s fought all kind of stereotypes to become what she is today and I think that’s incredible. Pole dancing is looked down upon but she makes it look so effortless and classy that you begin to realize that it’s just as passionate as any other dance form. When asked to describe how she feels on the pole, she said, “I think it’s highly spiritual. I feel at peace.” and I couldn’t agree more.

Working on this episode has truly been an unforgettable experience and I thank Pearl Academy for that. I’m immensely grateful to Peal Academy for giving me this amazing opportunity that has taught me so much.

Hasanthi Duvvuri
Pearl Academy, Mumbai

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