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Accessory Design’s Minimalistic Path - Pearl Academy

Minimalism has taken over the art and design world in the last few years and for good reason. Sprouting from a traditional Japanese belief of owning only what you need so that you can focus on things that matter the most, this philosophy is being applied to the various aspects of life now. The aim is to have a simplistic lifestyle and enjoy small moments of joy and spiritual health.

Minimalistic accessories have also become a rage ever since. Be it keeping your outfit clean and chic, or your work desk clutter-free, lifestyle accessory design is swearing by the minimalist movement. As the need to move towards sustainability rises, there cannot be a better time to embrace it than now.
So, here is all you need to know about designing and buying minimalistic lifestyle accessories.

Choose your aesthetic
Less is more is the driving motto of minimalism. Whether you are a designer looking for some inspiration, or someone who wants to adorn themselves or their house, the first step is finding your style. It is important to choose one aesthetic you connect with and not jumble up the look with multiple clashing designs.

Essentialism is the key
As a designer, you need to figure out your expertise and work towards designing the things that you love the most. Be it jewelry, bags, shoes, or home and office décor accessories, find your area of interest and follow that path. While buying minimalistic accessories, find out the favorites that you cannot do without. Remember, what is needed should be the focus rather than what you want.

Minimal does not mean boring
Choosing minimalism does not mean that you will have to do away with creativity and style. It opens the way for a lot of innovation and art and the result is always stunning. Fewer things and a clean space help bring further attention to the statement pieces.

Many Indian artists and designers are doing exceptional work in the minimalistic accessory design. One such example is Puja Bhargava Kamath, who is giving traditional Indian craft a modern touch and creating beautiful designs with her label, Lai. What is more, her pieces also have comfort at their heart. The Shoe Tales is another brand that is rocking the minimalistic show market. Led by Chinar Joshi, the brand offers comfortable footwear in earthy tones and fun, quirky designs. Prasita Sabari is also taking the movement forward with her lifestyle brand, Moon Rabbit. She uses cruelty-free faux leather to create bags, travel pouches, wallets, and more with designs that have minimalism in their essence and a cool, chic style.

Feeling inspired and want to start your own revolution in the lifestyle accessory industry? If you have the skills and ideas to reform the world with your designs, we will provide you with the direction at Pearl Academy. Check out the Accessory Design course to know more.

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