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5 Wonders of the Retail World - Pearl Academy

Get inspired by these phenomenal retail interior designs

Have you ever found yourself going shopping just for the experience of it? Going to a physical store to shop till you drop is a mood. Therefore, shopping is known to be a stress buster and retail therapy is a thing. Luxury stores take this experience to the next level with ambient and thematic music, sensorial experiences, top-notch personalized customer service, and an aspirational value offering.

Stores are also known to apply a lot of psychological tricks to make customers buy more and spend more time on their premises. This includes spacing out the essentials in the shop layout or keeping knickknacks near the checkout counters.

However, some stores are putting a unique spin on the customer’s experience all through their phenomenal interior design. Let’s give them a little visit.

The Gucci Museo
A cross between a gift shop and a museum, Gucci Garden, was opened on the 90th anniversary of the fashion house in Florence. It contains secrets from the prestigious history of Gucci, be it iconic scarves, luggage, or the dress worn by Hilary Swank’s to the 2011 Academy Awards. The space comes with guided tours, Michelin star restaurants, and lavish bathrooms. This surely surpasses every luxury experience out there!

The massive fashion store recently introduced the concept of augmented reality fitting rooms in their Moscow outlet! Apt for the post-pandemic world, where safety is a major concern amongst shoppers, the virtual mirrors allow shoppers to try out clothing without a changing room. What’s more, the mirrors come with a motion sensor that lets customers simply gesture towards the next look. What a hassle-free shopping experience it must be!

Kid’s Republic
Much to children’s delight, this bookstore in Beijing comes with its very own playground. The imaginative store is like a wonderland for kids to learn while they play. It also includes animated shows, fun-reading activities, picture books, and much more!

This lifestyle store in Mumbai has an incredibly unique design – that of a plush and cozy home! Designed inside a nineteenth-century building, the concept store’s Zen-like calm exteriors invite you in. The interior is like a fully formed house with each room displaying the products. The store feels like one is shopping in the comfort of one’s own home and is a work of art.

Reebok Flash Pop-Up Store
Bright, loud, and neon, the Reebok Pop-up store in New York City is fully inspired by the pop culture of 1980s. It houses multicolored shapes and bewildering graphics that go perfectly with Reebok’s brand value of being active and true to oneself. We are sure that going through the store fills you with pulsating energy and enthusiasm.

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