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5 Makeup Hacks for Working Women - Pearl Academy

Summer is here with all its pool parties, pretty fashion, and sizzling BBQs. But it also brings the hot and sticky weather along, which inevitably takes a toll on our skin and hair. You must be well-acquainted with the struggle that arises when you’re done with the perfect makeup, and as soon as you step out of the house, it starts melting off. That’s summer!

If you’re a working woman, you probably don’t have much time in the mornings to spend an hour perfecting your makeup. Well, you’re in luck. Here are some makeup hacks to save you a lot of time and perhaps, make the whole process easier and fun:

Blot and Set Lipstick: Dry and chapped lips are a nightmare for any woman after the application of a liquid lipstick. To avoid this from happening, moisturize and exfoliate your lips before applying any colour to it. After that, prime your lips with a concealer or foundation. Yes, you heard that right. Concealers and foundations make up for great lip primers. Just use a wet makeup sponge to apply it on your lips.

To make the lip colour last longer, gently blot your lips with a tissue after applying the lipstick. Repeat this process two more times, and you have yourself a longer-lasting lip colour. No more runs to the washroom for re-applications!

Use Concealer to Accentuate your Brows: In today’s perception of women beauty, eyebrows have an essential part to play; they can either make or break your facial beauty. It’s time to give them their due respect.

Just like you use a highlighter to accentuate other features, a concealer can give your brows that sharp and bold look that you always wanted. Just dab a teeny amount of concealer on the outer edges of the arches to create a clean finish.

Use your ID as a Shield for Mascara: You’ve aced the eyeshadow application. The eyeliner has been finely tuned. You’re feeling proud of yourself; everything is working out, and you’re thanking your lucky stars. Now, the final step is left (and it’s supposed to be the easiest). You’re applying the mascara when suddenly, through no fault of your own, your eyelid is attacked with one tiny dot of the fierce black mascara. You’re annoyed, but you still have it under control. Until the eyelid is attacked the second time with the same fierce mascara, this time the damage is huge. Your perfect eye makeup is ruined. What do you do?

Phew! How many times has this happened to us? To avoid this nightmare, we’ve got this hack for you. Holding a credit card or an official ID against your upper lash line minimizes those mascara remnants you get on your eye. Convenient, right?

Prevent Fall-outs: If you’re someone who prefers to do eye makeup after completing the base, this makeup hack is for you. When you start with the eye makeup, hold tissue against your face or get a makeup shield to prevent your base from being a total mess from eyeshadow fallouts (which inevitably happens).

Another tip: If you do get any fallouts, pick them up from a clear tape as it is the least reliable and won’t pull out on your skin.

Smooth and Healthy Skin: If you crave a dewy-looking skin, this easy hack is for you. All you need to do is combine your foundation or concealer with a hydrating facial oil or a sheer moisturizer and apply it with a foundation blender, and voila! Fresh looking skin!

These are just a few of the many hacks that you can include in your daily routine to make things easier and more fun! Want to learn more of this, then apply for Pearl Academy’s weekend course.

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