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22 Fashion trends for 2022 - Pearl Academy

Don’t know about you, but we’re feeling 2022. This year is all about experimenting with colors, shapes, and styles. We have compiled the best of the trends and tips to get you ready for the year ahead!

1. The Magic of Homespun
Sustainable fashion is on the rise. Moving away from fast fashion, people have found appreciation for fashion that is sourced and produced ethically. Add personal touches, collect timeless pieces, and make the trend your own.

2. Back To The 00s
90s kids have stepped aside, and Y2K is taking over! Since 2020, the 2000s have been a huge influence, and the trend is spilling over to 2022. It’s all about miniskirts, satin lounge pants, butterflies, double denims, and a tonne of nostalgia!

3. Striving For Stripes
Stripes are not only a hit in the black and white combo but in any and every color out there. From pairing it with a contrasting pattern to a carefully put-together stripe on stripe look, they’re all over the runways.

4. Bare It All
The past few years were all about the high waist. However, 2022 is all about baring the midriff and embracing the low-rise fit. The need to be daring and adventurous seems to be fueling this trend.

5. The Snip-Snap Style
Cut-outs instantly turn a boring piece of outfit into a stylish ensemble. It can be used to add drama and accentuate not just the waist, but even the shoulders, the back, the neckline, and just about anything.

6. Strapped To Fashion
With great potential to add character to any look, straps have been taking the fashion industry by storm. Stylized harnesses, elongated chokers, and waist floss create many possibilities to add the ‘strap appeal’ to any outfit.No wonder the likes of Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Cardi B have been rocking these lately, in their unique ways.

7. The ‘Edgy’ Look
Nothing says fun like a little fringe. It’s vibrant, exciting, and festive, for everyone who’s a little extra. These might not be the roaring 20s, but one can hope!

8. All That Glitters
Nothing screams fun and glamour louder than glitter. But a shift towards sustainability has pushed us to say goodbye to sequins and a spirited hello to shimmering metals.

9. Abstract All the Way
The fashion universe is abuzz with the bold and new. After months of staying home in PJs, the style quotient has gone up and everyone wants to experiment, explore, and enjoy the best they can. This has resulted in a juxtaposition of structure, shape, and color, in the most stunning way possible.

10. Color Me Purple
Periwinkle is the Pantone color of the year so no wonder the entirety of the purple color family is rocking the fashion world. Be it subtle lilacs, pretty lavenders, or royal violets, they’ve secured a spot at the top for 2022.

11. Sunny Side Up
We also have the runners-up from the color world. It’s all about adding sunshine to our lives with the colors of the sunset. People are done with the subtlety of neutrals and want to go back to experimenting with their creativity.

12. Bagful of Brightness
If you want to make a statement with your handbags, bring out the neon green, eye-popping orange, and lime green. Selena Gomez and Dua Lupa’s head-turning brightly colored bags have us levitating for sure.

13. Skirts? Pants? Skants!
Iconic style is all about bending rules, which this combo is doing brilliantly by mixing silhouettes. With icons like Harry Styles donning the look, we know everyone wants to board the bandwagon of this trend.

14. The New Normal Basics
A lot is happening in the space of athleisure. From phenomenal virtual features to branching out into the opulent athluxe, the work-from-home culture has made way for this trend to flourish.

15. Big Pants, Bigger Panache
The spotlight shifting on comfort as well as popularity of clingy, cropped, and body-con clothing has made space for roomy pants. Baggy, flared, bootcut, mom jeans, dad jeans, boyfriend jeans – there are endless style variations to choose from. Take your pick and own this trend!

16. Make Space for Oversized
Pants are not the only garment that’s turned oversized. Puffed up sleeves have been a style staple for the past few years and are still going strong. And, to a lot of people’s dismay, bubble hems are making a return!

17. Setting the Stage for Fun
People love it in each of its forms – sky-high heels, flatform silhouettes, loafers, boots, and even clogs. Sky-high platform heels and lightweight platforms are the moods of the year. This is owing to the need for excitement and adventure after a long time of cozy footwear

18. Back Me Up
Haute couture is awash with creating excitement even at the backside of an outfit. Long trails, extravagant headgear, oversized back bows – it’s all about the drama.

19. The Neat Pleats
Another favorite, pleated midi skirts are making a comeback and for all the right reasons. It’s timeless, easy to style, and suits most body shapes, making it quite versatile.

20. It’s Faux Leather Weather
Faux leather packs all the oomph and edginess while shaking hands with sustainability. What’s there not to love? Faux leather is taking over not just the usual bags, pants, boots, and jackets, but even lingerie and leggings.

21. Picture Perfect
Bridgerton is continuing to inspire us in the new year. As we move towards an optimistic future, there’s also a desire to carry a piece of the good-ol’ days. Imagine corsets, pearls, lace, floral prints – the regency core trend brings out the best of elegance, regality, and tenderness.

22. Wrap Up!
And finally, to pull your look together, a scarf is a must-have. We’re talking scarves with a floral design or an asymmetric print with a flux of bold colors. Wear it as a hair accessory with beautiful scarf scrunchies doing the rounds, accessorize your face masks, or simply put it around your neck for that oh-so-chic look.

If you’re not just on top of all the trends, but ready to make some of your own, our School of Fashion is the place for you. We bring specialized courses led by industry experts and exceptional platforms to help you hone your skills. Know more about our courses here.

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