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If there’s anything that we’ve learned during the pandemic, it is the importance of UPSKILLING. With a lot of us turning into part-time chefs, interior decorators, or just expert doodlers after work/class, we have been to make the most of this opportunity to BE MORE. Especially on the professional front, rapid technology-led transformation across businesses, services and sectors signals the need for individuals who are adaptable, inquisitive and are always on the lookout to learn new things. A disruptive thought-process and an advanced skill set is definitely a big plus here.

It comes as no surprise then that in the last couple of months there has been an amplified interest in short-term, skills-based certificate courses round the globe. With top-notch companies focusing on practical expertise rather than theory-based erudition, hybrid modes of learning methodologies are on the rise. And to succeed in the new normal, extremely demanding and lucrative sectors like Fashion, Media and Business are opening their doors more and more to these highly-skilled individuals who are not only abreast of the present market but also of the future.

Therefore to help our future professionals upskill, or perhaps even turn their passion into profession, we’ve meticulously crafted our 11-month Professional Certification programs. Designed in consultation with our academic experts and as per international standards, these courses not only give our students a holistic learning experience but also cater to the requirements of today’s hyper-dynamic world. The courses give students and professionals the edge over their peers through our holistic pedagogy. A combination of career immersion (introduction to the course and understanding the fundamentals of the discipline and the professional industry), skill acquisition (putting their theoretical learning to practice with the help of various tools), industry experience (a chance to interact and engage with industry experts directly), professional projects (amalgamating the learnings and rigorous training from the course) makes these professional courses a comprehensive proposition.

Here at Pearl Academy, we maintain a well-trained pulse of the present professional scenario, while looking towards the future. Our Professional Programs are designed keeping all of this in mind. Taking a multi-faceted view of the fashion industry at large, we offer super-specialized courses for students and professionals, Fashion Buying & Merchandising, Fashion Design, Fashion Media Makeup, Fashion Photography, among others. Be it rising demand for skilled buyers, the meteoric growth of the beauty business in India and subsequent entry of leading global brands to try and own the space, to the very core of fashion design principles, the courses factor in a mélange of factors into their structure.

We offer more professional courses in:
– Digital Filmmaking (storytelling and production, overview of film studies, basics of film budgeting, and audio-visual productions)
– Experiential Marketing & Event Management (client servicing, event design, event laws and permissions, integration with mass media and social media)
– Graphic Design (develop a personal and visual vocabulary through form, proportion, image and typography, practical ability, specialized knowledge about graphic design processes, software application)
– Professional Photography (sound, basic grounding in Photography Techniques, digital photography, light and shadow techniques, creative visualization and composition, storyboard/subject, perspective, lighting, portfolio development)
– Styling For Interiors (technical knowledge, customization and space planning, decor and art, soft furnishing, styling process, sourcing, materials, technicality and design curation)

As markets open up, there will be an increasing demand for professionals with a wide array of expertise to address the changing consumer mindset. And individuals with relevant skill sets and extensive practical knowledge will therefore reign over the industries in the days to come. Because after all, an added advantage always adds more value. So what better a time than now to add a feather to your cap with our Professional Certificate Programs?

Apply NOW to our 11 Month PC Programs In Design, Fashion, Media and Business.

Eligibility: Class 12th and above. Age no bar.

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