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Works of wonder by graduating students - Pearl Academy

We as humans are opinionated and we like to categorize and are guilty of stereotyping. When it comes to Fashion & Design colleges we think all they can do is to only teach their apprentices just about designing and weaving “fashionable” clothes? You couldn’t be more wrong! Breaking these stereotypes over and over again is Pearl Academy. One of the best Fashion & Design institutes in India, Pearl Academy offers multi-disciplinary courses in the field of Design, Fashion, and Business, preparing thousands of students in these fields to optimally utilize their creative geniuses and contribute towards making society a better place.

Only recently, Pearl Academy held its annual graduation event ‘Portfolio’16’ that showcases the final projects of the students that are reaped after many years of toil and dedication. The event also offers Industry exposure to the students who are on the verge of entering the Real World. This year we saw many groundbreaking ideas executed impeccably, reiterating the fact that Pearlites are industry ready professionals, who are ready to take over the fast evolving world of Fashion and Business. We bring to you a fresh perspective on these students who are responsible citizens in the making with quirky and unique ideas to shape the future. Here are five of the most innovative and interesting projects displayed at the Portfolio’16.

Thinking of Lingerie the Indian way
Best Projects

An amusement park with a twist

Muting the Noise


Fiddling on the Roof

Art as Therapy

There are more ideas waiting to surprise you. Check them out Here.

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