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Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013, Day 4 – My Village by Rimzim Dadu - Pearl Academy

Rimzim Dadu


Rimzim Dadu is a graduate from Pearl Academy. (Earlier Pearl Academy of Fashion)

She is a believer in fashion being an art form; Dadu amalgamates experimental techniques and surface textures. The main markets she caters are India, Japan and Middle East.

The label stands for progressive textures, experimental surfaces, ingenious materials form the core of ‘my village’.

In her first joint showing with buddies Anand Bhushan and Kallol Datta, Rimzim Dadu started off on a sombre note. Black and white dominated the first few garments, a trend that’s been reiterated over and over again for Spring/Summer 2013.

But breaking away with a joyous burst of colour, the designer changed her palette, incorporating melon yellow, bright lime, tangerine and finally, an inky purple. As for the use of metallis yarns that’s become her signature, this time they were woven into a polygraph of sorts, rising and dipping across the wearer’s torso.

The graph slowly evolved into a charpoy weave, mimicking the straw village mats that serve as bed and shop in much of rural India. Then came the flowers, an almost artistic rendition of a bouquet embroidered on sleeveless shirts, worn with 3D floral textured pencil skirts.

Feminine but not frivolous, this collection was intended to please established accolytes and charm newer fans.



M: +91 9654149836

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