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Why go to design school at all? - Pearl Academy

PDEFBDuring our meetings with students and prospective students we’re often asked this question. The truth is going to design school is a choice you make. Why? We will elaborate on some of that below.
‘Design’ is a buzzword today and everyone wants to apply to design school. Some students have done their research, a few haven’t and that’s quite alright, a handful just want to try something new and away from the standard and mundane choices that life throws at you.
There are a select few who have even grown up around design thanks to a practicing parent, sibling or relative and that’s all they’ve ever loved doing.
Whatever your reasons may be and no matter who you are, going to design school must be on your list and let’s take a look at a few reasons why.
A place for genuine problem solvers.
Remember building that tree house in high school, fixing your RC Car or Sailboat, painting the neighbour’s wall or building that Lego set from a birthday gone by. They were all things for which you and your approach were the solution. A design school helps you understand theories and processes to solve bigger problems.

Foundation. Foundation. Foundation. Three words that’ll get you started.
You will have to undergo a foundation program irrespective of which course you choose and in that you’ll get to doodle, sketch, paint, read, write, sculpt, build and do lots of creative exercises that will help bring out the real designer in you.

You’ll be a part of a living culture and cherish your days at design school for years to come.
There’s always something going on at design school from workshops, to training to theories to classes, site and field visits. And powering these experiences are some of the best names in the design business. This means you will bump into walking-talking cultural encyclopaedias. And the more you hangout with your faculty the more you will learn about designing for the world. All of these people have been a part of a culture or school of thought at some point in their career or training and when they all come together it’s magic!

Some of the most creative friends you’ll ever make.
Artists, animators, sculptors, fashion designers, textile experts, writers, editors, musicians, engineers, technologists, illustrators, painters. Creators and makers of all kinds will be around, able and willing to partner you on any project. And some of the best learnings and ideas take place when you co-create.

Interactions with leading designers and industry experts.
Some of these will already be your faculty and mentors and through visiting faculty sessions and interactions you’ll get to meet and have a dialogue with some of the most beautiful minds of the business.

Design schools taps into your curiosity.
All ideas, innovations and solutions to problems emerge from a curious mind. At a design school you are constantly challenged to learn and grow through exercises, tests, classes, theories and executions that fuel your curiosity.

Still wondering why you should go to design school? Just call 1800 103 3005 or email us at for a visit to a Pearl Academy campus near you.

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