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Vasudha Jindal, India Representative - Clinton Global Initiative 2014, USA | #PearlWhatsNext - Pearl Academy








Vasudha Jindal
School of Design

Furoshiki Bags – One for a clean & green future!
Inspiration from Indian Ingenuity and concern for deteriorating environmental conditions of earth fuelled an interesting Project’s inception; Vasudha revives the Indian Potli’s to their modern avatars…

Coming from a family that puts a premium on education, Vasudha Jindal enrolled for the Interior Architecture and Design program at Pearl Academy. Having grown up in a semi-rural environment, where one is close to nature, and while studying environmental-related topics as an undergraduate, Vasudha came across the issue of land pollution, ground-water level degradation and loss of vegetation due to the mindless use of plastic and Polythene. She also got concerned about the cattle as this poison gets inadvertently consumed by them causing serious health hazards.

“I was introduced by my faculty at Pearl Academy to participate in one of the prestigious competitions on sustainable consumption. It was most difficult for me to select an appropriate topic. My prime concern continued to be water pollution and finding a solution for it. My mentors discussed various topics extensively and provided exceptional in-puts to open my eyes to the magnitude of the problem; without which this project would not have taken shape. I am happy that it has finally come out so well and getting lauds from everyone.” says Vasudha.

Vasudha noticed Indian ingenuity in many areas where pieces of fabrics were adapted to suit the profession or weather, as protection against heat or dust, for carrying small articles or even infants on backs while working in fields. Fabric is adaptable and reusable. With varied forms, functions and colours along with limitless versatility, the idea of Furoshiki (made in a minute) bags sprung as an effective, affordable, green and indigenous solution to multiple purposes.

Furoshiki bags can be made from remnants and suits students for their fashion statement, housewives for their utility, rural area dwellers to carry food to fields; a life-changing idea as its usage could be devised or customized according to specific needs.

“According to me, every small initiative can be a life changing idea; it just needs a positive approach and vision. If only 10 people start using this small idea regularly then the usage of Polythene can be reduced up to 80% every day.” says the environmentally concerned and aware Vasudha.

India Representative – Clinton Global Initiative 2014, USA

Shachi Parmar

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