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New Trends of Blogging - Pearl Academy

Blogging has been around for a long time now, and ever since its inception has been constantly evolving. From being a platform to share personal thoughts and experiences to being used as a marketing tool by companies to publish relevant information to target audiences, blogging has seen it all. From the time when there were only a few bloggers till today where there are many in every field, the blogging space has progressed as a full-time profession. However, one thing has remained unchanged – consistency and creating quality content. Creating an engaging and interactive content, keeping your reader’s viewpoint in mind, will give your blog an edge over others. Conducting a basic research on ‘How to start a blog’ can also help you achieve your respective needs.

With changing trends, there are a lot of things that came up and are a necessity to upsurge traffic and enhance a blog’s visibility. These following tips for blogging are my mantras to keep it simple, yet effective:

– Just writing good content is not sufficient, you need to give your readers more than that – create content pieces with in different formats like images, videos, GIFs, etc. Visual aids tend to engage the audience for a longer time and to leave a lasting impression, not to forget the shareability aspect.

– A lot of new and emerging bloggers tend to buy followers for their social media platforms to get a jump start. This may garner a head start initially but is not beneficial in the long run. Readers are smart enough to notice these aspects of genuinely. By simply looking at the engagement on posts and comparing the same with followers of a blog, one can easily gauge whether a blog has paid subscribers/followers or genuine ones. Not to forget that once readers can ascertain these factors, it negatively impacts their followership and hampers the reputation.

– Creating a certain niche or area of interest to start blogging on thereby build an authority over that subject. Also, blogging about a wide range of subjects/interest and not concentrating on a certain niche will get you branded as an unauthoritative blogger in the minds of consumers and brands alike.

– Many bloggers tend to loose interest and stop blogging because they don’t get the desired results early on. Having patience and doing hard work for your blog is very important, as is the case with starting any new business. It is like wine, the older it gets, the more it is valued.

There are many other factors that come into play when we consider blogging in today’s competitive space. I was at Pearl Academy’s School of Media and Journalism recently where I was part of a panel discussion that shared the top tips for bloggers with some of the leading bloggers from the country. You can watch the discussion here and gain further insights on what it takes to run a successful blog.

Recently we were invited by Pearl Academy for the launch of the school of media and journalism. We were part of a panel discussion on future of blogging along with Naina Redhu, Sukhneet Wadhwa – Ms Coco Queen, Pallavi Chaturvedi – That Desi Girl, Amit Bhawani – Phone Radar & Abhijeet Mukherjee – Guiding Tech, here is the full video.

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