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“Theatre is nothing about rehearsals”, says Maya during Design Polygon - Pearl Academy


Sangeet Natak Academy Awardee – ace kathakali dancer and theatre artist Maya Krishan Rao who is most well known for solo acts says that theatre is nothing about rehearsals.

Rao is currently conducting a workshop under ‘Design Polygon’ at Pearl Academy that is aimed at developing a reflective consciousness of the self awareness and it will also talk about gender sensitization through various acts making students understand its importance.

Maya, who also promotes drama as a method of teaching in itself, praised the enthusiasm and interest of Pearlites during the workshop. They have been exposed to various basic elements of theatre such as tension, attention, spontaneity & expressions. Many more of such elements will be covered in the workshop in 3 days to come.

“The students here are being exposed to random situations that motivate them to strike a spontaneous dialogue that compliments with the elements of acting and successfully converts into a theatre performance,” says Maya.

Pearlites also enjoyed their every single practice and act during the workshops.

Check out some of the moments from Maya’s workshop during Design Polygon at Pearl Academy’s Jaipur campus:

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