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The Wide Scope of the Photography Industry in India - Pearl Academy

With the recent boom in avenues such as advertising, media, and the fashion industry, photography has surfaced as a lucrative and stimulating career option to a large number of Indian youngsters. Until not too long ago, photography was classified as a hobby profession only, but now it has grown in an unprecedented manner. These days, photography is quickly rising as a popular career choice among a variety of different age groups. It is a creative means of expression, with a camera replacing the purpose of a pen or the paintbrush.

In the contemporary world of today, photographers can practice their trade across a host of different verticals, such as –


Photojournalists capture pictures which are eventually supplied to national and international media houses. This career avenue demands capabilities catering to capturing distinct noteworthy & influential individuals, historic places, sports, political & community events for newspapers, journals, magazines, or television. It is absolutely critical for a photojournalist to possess a journalistic sense and angle while shooting a good news image.

Feature Photography

Feature photography practically revolves around describing, or narrating a story through pictures and therefore mandates the need for a thorough knowledge of the respective subject. Photographers have the choice to specialise in the photography of wildlife, sports travel, environment etc, based on their interest and personal preference.

Portrait/Wedding Photography

Photographers employed in the wedding industry are commonly handed the task of capturing the happenings and activities of lavish and grand weddings. They should be skilled in taking photos of small and large groups, children, families, and other social occasions.

Advertising Photography

These type of photographers generally work with the creative and graphics departments of advertising agencies, or in photographic studios. A significant section of them happens to be freelancers as well. Advertising photography is possibly the most lucrative and competitive branch of all; success and growth in this sphere depend entirely on capability, efficiency, and personality.

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years. The primary bulk of Fashion Photography is carried out in Delhi and Mumbai. In this practice, photographers work in highly sophisticated and well-equipped studios. Fashion is one of the largest industries in the country, and that does not seem to change anytime soon, which just shows how important Fashion Photography is in the realm of photography.

The art of photography requires a natural aptitude, observation skill, training, a high degree of discipline, practice and an eye for detail apart from an intelligent, curious and perceptive mind. A photographer must possess the expertise to blend details with his/her creative ability to capture a picture aesthetically. At Pearl Academy, we strive to offer specialised education in the avenue of photography, by enhancing youngsters’ artistic aptitude as well as providing them with the relevant technical knowledge. This is done through three unique courses –

Professional Photography
Contemporary Photography
Fashion Photography

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