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The Uncomfortable: A Quirky Celebration of Inconvenient Household Items - Pearl Academy

The Uncomfortable is a series of impractical household objects designed by Athens-based architect Katerina Kamprani. The curious works play off of common dishware, cutlery, and watering cans, making the task each is typically assigned either impossible or extremely difficult. Every object is created from the material it would be constructed from normally, making siamese wine glasses and linked ceramic mugs all the more humorous- yet aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes design or doesn’t need a reason, it exists purely for the sake of the artistic impulse! The world of art would be quite boring if every artist’s creation served a practical use. Such projects celebrate the spirit of fantasy, craftsmanship, and commitment to personal vision.

To see more of her works from The Uncomfortable check out the architect’s Tumblr and Facebook.

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