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The Transforming Career Scope of the Luxury Industry - Pearl Academy

Engineering, medicine, accountancy, or teaching; gone are the days when one was faced with limited career choices to hold a respectable position in society. While such career options are still relevant, India is presently seeing a boom in alternative career choices that, despite deviating from the norm, are highly lucrative options for the average aspirant – the creative field is one such area.

Not everyone wants to work a typical 9 to 5 job, and thankfully, there’s no need to! Careers in the luxury industry are among the go-to choices today, owing to the lucrative income and the freedom of creative expression. Given below are some of the top opportunities the luxury industry has to offer.

Luxury brand manager

If there is any position in the luxury industry that is the most respected, it is that of a luxury brand manager. These professionals are responsible for managing a luxury brand; meaning, they come up with exciting marketing strategies that work in the brand’s favour, conduct in-depth market research, oversee marketing campaigns, manage budgets, and consult with corporate executives to attract and engage target audience. Besides being lucrative from the viewpoint of money, a career in the luxury sector also offers opportunities for traveling and meeting some of the key players of the luxury industry.

Luxury goods product manager

In the luxury industry, it is as much about the products as it is about the brand. As such, the career option of a luxury goods product manager is also an exciting one. These professionals are responsible for the planning and delivery of the brand’s products. While overseeing the transitioning process of the product from an idea to the market, luxury product managers work closely with several teams, including product design, sales, marketing, quality control, management, and more. The aim is to ensure that the final product meets customer expectations. Hence, the role also involves conducting market research and analysing key trends.

Visual merchandiser

It could be possible that an aspirant wishes to work in the retail side of luxury brand management but may not want to work in sales; for such, the option of a visual merchandiser is wide open. Visual merchandisers for a luxury brand are responsible for developing floor plans and transforming the aesthetics of a store so that it is appealing and eye-catchy for passers-by. This involves strategic product placements, creative dressing of mannequins and attractive window displays. Not only that, but seemingly trivial things like the music, scent, and lighting of a store can also impact a customer’s buying choices, and visual merchandisers can use their creative faculties to the brand’s advantage by creating that perfect ambience that encourages customers to make a purchase.

PR (Public Relations) specialist

The luxury industry is unlike the conventional industry, and one way it is so is its method of advertising. It is highly uncommon to find luxury brands advertising themselves the traditional way – billboards and print or digital ads. The way they get their word out is mainly through PR or Public Relations. And this task rests on the shoulders of a luxury PR specialist. The role of such professionals is to network, network, and network! Not just with anybody, but with the bigwigs of the industry and ensure that the brand they work for has an appealing image in the minds of its customers.

The luxury industry is a billion-dollar play area that welcomes passionate and creative individuals to contribute to its fast-paced growth. The industry encompasses diverse fields such as cars, watches, wine, chocolates, fashion, jewellery, even services such as travel.

The best way to set a firm foot into the luxury industry is to opt for professional courses from internationally-acclaimed institutions. At Pearl Academy, we offer a rigorous luxury brand management curriculum for students interested in the field. As one of the first-ever Indian academies to recognise the growing need for thriving professionals in the luxury sector, we help aspiring professionals build a successful career with a global luxury brand of choice.


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