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The Scope of Accessory Design in India - Pearl Academy

In the modern era of living, the concept of lifestyle and fashion is an ever-evolving avenue – consistently influenced by an array of factors such as economic purchasing powers, pop culture, and seasonal tastes, amongst others. It is important to point out that it is close to impossible to set a limit or boundary for yourself when it comes to the term ‘lifestyle’. The term encompasses so many different aspects, be it the phone you use, the car you drive, or the clothes you wear.

Some of the primary factors which amplify the concept of lifestyle are accessories. For every mobile phone bought, the same individual looks to enhance its functionality and look with a quirky mobile cover. Even the wireless Bluetooth headphones bought to pair with a mobile phone is an accessory. Similarly, nearly every lifestyle product can be associated with an accessory. The desire and the consequent need to accessorise oneself mainly to attain a personal sense of satisfaction and gratification is one of the notable points attributing to the growth of accessories.

Now, addressing the fundamental notion of this article – the scope of Accessory Design in India. The question is not whether there is any scope of this subject in the country – it is how pervasive and comprehensive the scope actually is. India is a culturally rich and diverse country – which leads to the rise of multiple verticals of lifestyle products and industries. Here are some of the many sectors and career avenues a graduate/postgraduate in accessory design can aim to enter.

Design Houses

The knowledge and expertise attained in an Accessory Design course can easily be applied in design houses. The art of identifying, using, and crafting materials can go a long way if applied in fashion design houses. The modern design philosophies imparted in Accessory Design courses enable students to make the most of their talents and new-age learnings.

Apparel Accessories

Apparel Accessories are popular products used by people to amplify their look and style quotient. Products like belts, shoes, and bags are considered too important aspects of one’s fashion style – making them popular accessories across all generations and different cultures.

Jewellery Houses

A fundamental core of Accessory Design is jewellery. The scope within this industry itself is mighty, allowing individuals to ideate products ranging from earrings and necklaces to other accessories such as bracelets and nose rings.

Television & Film Industry

Yes, that is right – a course in Accessory Design could be your ticket to entering the buzzing film industry in India. Television and film shoots require quirky and out-of-the-box accessories to complement some over the top characters we see on our screens. These accessories are generally not that easily available in the market and film producers require dedicated resources to ideate them.

Pursuing an Accessory Design course at Pearl Academy exposes you to a myriad of placement opportunities at eminent and well-reputed organisations such as Caratlane, Amrapali Jewellers, Voylla Fashion Jewellery.

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