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The Ramp Event 1 - Pearl Academy

Highlights :



Hues of blue a little shine to it  makes the perfect collection. The subtle nature of the collection worked just right in creating a great hype for the show.


Chavi porwal

The whole collection shouted “Retro Chic”. Made me feel like I’m in some old sherlock homes novel.



There were so many colors, colabrated with such precision. It was one of the only few shows that set true to its theme.



Styling was done well. Show stopped was the beautiful and the only one that hit me as good use of material.



All these outfits were simply done and the collection was stunning. I personally wouldn’t mind owning some of the pieces from this show.



The correct example of, bright colors shown in a subtle way. The prints were exquisite. Only complain that I had through the show was the music, but the collection was worth ignoring that.



Perfectly set in an old school fashion, this collection. From the shades to the shoes, the old school theme was followed and it worked beautifuly.


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