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How Accessories Design IS Your Ticket To Excel In Fashion & Lifestyle Industry

From shadows to the spotlight, accessories have come a long way. They are now, not just a mere addition to your dress or living room, but the show piece itself – the very talk of the town. From luxury brands to fashion retailers, from Prada & Gucci to H&M and Zara, accessories are the ones driving the show, the sales, the profits and keeping the ship going full mast even with the market slow down.

Think we are overstating? Here are some figures to show you what we mean – the global fashion & lifestyle accessories market is projected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 12.3%, in comparison to fashion market’s overall growth rate of 6.7% by 2025, taking into account a dip and then resurge given the COVID-19 pandemic. (Research & Markets, Mordor Intelligence Reports, 2020). Did the math yet? Let us spell it out – if you’re thinking accessories, you will have double the chance to grow!

And while the current pandemic will definitely put a spanner in the works in the short term, the forecast for the medium to long term is hugely skewed in the interest of the accessories market – the fast moving consumer goods of the fashion industry. With the segment drawing maximum profits for luxury and fast fashion brands alike, and that not changing in the future, it is safe to say that accessory designers will be a hugely sought after segment of professionals in the future of fashion.

So what are the key trends that will drive the segment in the coming times, and what skills will help you build a successful career in accessories? Following the suit of its older cousin, the garments industry, the accessories segment will also be governed by a few seismic shifts – sustainable design, personalization, digital recalibration and social media driven brand building, and more recently, a demand for ‘Made In India’ products, specifically in the country. The consumer mindset is changing and so is their consumption patterns, and the same holds true for accessories.

What does this mean for you? And how can you develop skills to rake on this new normal in design? This is where our specialized courses in Accessory Design come in. Carefully mapped in line with the fast paced change we just now spoke of and developed by academic experts with expansive knowledge of the industry, our UG & PG programs in Accessory Design are tailored to give you a hands on learning and skills building experience aided by latest software, technology & infrastructural facilities. Over the course of the program you will get to learn from industry leading mentors, build mechanical & digital fabrication skills, hone your design capabilities and get widespread exposure to the industry with live internships, training modules, material exploration trips, studio work & expert masterclasses. You will get to develop appreciation and knowhow of traditional as well as contemporary crafts and techniques and put it all into practice with projects with some of the biggest design companies.

Want to see what we mean? Practically? Take a glimpse at some of our Accessory Design students’ graduation works at the cutting edge of innovation, functionality and aesthetic quality. And to know more and apply to our accessory design courses click here (UG Program) or here (PG Program).

Happy accessorizing!

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