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The Perks of Taking your Business Online in the Modern Age - Pearl Academy

Businesses are welcoming digital channels not only to market their products but also as a platform to sell them. Merchandising products on an online medium enable buyers to make purchase decisions at their own convenience and requirement- be it at their homes or workplace, or even at odd hours. In the modern age, individuals don’t always have the opportunity to actually visit a market, instead, more and more of these interested buyers prefer to shop online to find the items they require.

The universal applicability of online shopping is growing at an increasing rate which makes it an eye-catching form of business. As per a survey, retail e-commerce sales numbers from 2014 to 2020 could project growth of around 200%. The advent of technology and automation has helped brands attain unique acumen on each user by interpreting their likes and dislikes, which facilitates personalised services.

While the significance of E-commerce for the consumers is evident, it is beneficial for brands and businesses aiming to expand their sales. E-commerce is an ideal platform to take a brand from a traditional brick and mortar store to an innovative and trendy online brand. Businesses can offer products for sale 24 hours a day along with online customer interaction. This allows proprietors to amplify their product ranges without having to needlessly worry about inventory or warehousing logistics. Through the internet’s extensive reach and practicality, innumerable people can access the website at any time, making it a perfect option for individuals willing to expand their businesses and reach out to an extensive audience. This can easily be proved by comparing the number of people one can reach through a website to the amount the same business could reach through a physical street store with local advertising.

The initial expenditure of an e-commerce business is remarkably low in comparison to setting up a store. Moreover, it is easier to attain a license for an e-commerce marketing domain. Another important factor to point out is that the functions of billing customers and inventory management are automated, which means minimum labour costs. This hints that e-commerce in modern business is much more viable.

Products and services in the form of online courses, expert services, books, gifts and various other e-solutions are propelling the scope of societal growth and development. In today’s age of connectivity, any skilled expert can publish an e-book which can be sold online. Similarly, any teacher can curate tutorials and educate youngsters by launching online courses. This helps small scale business owners, rural students and villagers grow mentally intellectually and improve the standard of their life.

Students can benefit from exploring the domain of e-commerce so early in their careers. Pearl Academy strives to impart knowledge which can prepare youngsters for the technological future ahead.Take Your Business Online course is aimed at uncovering aspects of e-commerce and digital marketing – concepts which are clearly growing in relevance in the age of today.

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