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The confluence of merchandisers with business minds - Pearl Academy

“Advertising moves people towards goods, Merchandising moves goods towards people.” One of the strongest definitions which describes the importance of merchandising. Let’s have a look at what happened when merchandising met business minds.

Promoting a product is a fundamental element in sales success. Using visual merchandising, the products can be advertised and displayed easily on the outdoors.

While promoting your product, it is essential to keep consistency through all your advertising materials. The look and feel of your advertisement should give the realisation of your brand. Visual merchandising must be constant at all stages including in-store showcases, websites and other sites and digital ads.

The reasons why business students play a major role in visual merchandising are:

• To interpret different segments of visual marketing in the sorted-out retail division

• To comprehend the impact of Product Display and to empower client’s purchasing choices

• To analyse the impact of environment on customers.

Pearl Academy took a step further to take this combination of visual merchandising and business management students to the next level. Pearl Academy organized an event where students beautifully projected their brands. Being students of creative business, they splendidly projected brand values just as the brand does. From making the concept note on photoshop to installing lights into the ceiling, they did it all. They made the backdrop and got them printed on flex. Laid the cotton, props and did the lighting all by themselves.

The range of stalls were put. One such stall was for the promotion of Audi R8. It took the chronological liberty as if the Audi R8 has just been launched around the world. Hence, the the motive of the installation was to stimulate the experience of the car in a space where travellers are more likely to accept information in the era of no distractions. Students unleashed the desire of Audi, understanding the importance of captivating displays, balancing of brand values and aesthetic functions of an installation. Students involved themselves in utilizing space to its maximum potential, creative thinking and providing a holistic experience.

Ever since the birth of chocolate, its fine wonder was always related to nobility and excellence. Both men and women believed and followed that chocolates were conducive to romance, heartful emotions, and concessive belonging. The smooth textures of Godiva chocolates left a heavenly feel to the mind and an immense aromatic smell accompanying it was simply divine. This concept of the window display took the crowd through the celebration of Christmas and made them fall for the brand. Godiva chocolates are said to be the finest Belgium chocolates. The concept was specially designed for the Christmas collection of Godiva.

To amalgamate the brand language and Indian aesthetics, a service experience was created in a visual form through appropriate touch points like relaxing lavender aroma, soothing and fragrant candles. The tradition of Kerala, the land of greenery with the RAASA Spa merchandise was beautifully showcased. These visual merchandising concepts taught a lot more and offered students to experience a lot regarding space optimization converting digital ideation into physical form, putting aesthetic skills into practice. Working better under pressure, trust, and enhancement of listening skills, resource optimization, were the learnings that students took and which will remain with them throughout their life.

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