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The Best Bridal Makeup Inspiration for 2018 - Pearl Academy

It’s a no-brainer that a bride wants to look her best on the D-day; after all, it’s one of the most defining moments of her life. With a plethora of makeup and beauty trends packed on the web, it can be intimidating for the soon-to-be brides to come to the perfect consensus.
To help you come out of this dilemma, let’s have a look at some of the best bridal makeup inspiration for 2018:
The infamous ‘No-makeup’ makeup: If you’re the confident one who would prefer to keep things simple at the wedding, take inspiration from Anushka Sharma and get that ‘barely there’ makeup look. You can pull this off with some beautiful jewelry and a stunning-embellished lehenga.

Go dark or go home: Shifting focus from soft, smokey eyes, which was the trend of 2017, this year, brides love the broad, smokey eyes trend. It’s no surprise that this trend keeps making its way back to the top of the charts; it’s timeless, stunning, and suits every face. For this reason, we spot many brides choosing this makeup style on their D-day, and they all look ravishing.

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Millennial Pink is your best-friend this season: A pink-loving bride’s perfect companion for the wedding day! The best part about this hue is that you can go as subtle or as bold – and you would look stunning in both. Our favourite combo? Pink and rose gold, for sure! It’s the perfect blend of beau and chic.

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Berry lips: This year, there has been an overflowing love for berry-based lip colors like plum, strawberry, and raspberry. Furthermore, it’s time to say goodbye to glossy lips this year and celebrate matte textures. Winter brides can opt for deep wine lip shades instead of the usual red and stand out!

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Rose Gold Bridal Makeup: Rose Gold isn’t just the trend for iPhones these days. A rose gold eyeshadow and cat eyeliner is a match made in heaven. Throw in some false lashes and pair up with a peachy or bold lip to complete the look.

Nude lips: If you’re not a dark lip fanatic, we’ve got you covered too! Thanks to the Kardashians, nude lips have never been more glamorized and obsessed over. And why should they not be? They look stunning and bring out a simple touch to the whole makeup. It’s a unique and fresh choice for the Indian Brides, just like the much-loved pastel lehengas. Moreover, if you want to have your other features look more prominent and pop out, nude lips are the way to go.

The world of an Indian Bride is bright, beautiful, and full of colours. There’s a whole lot of options to choose from – whether you’re a bold smokey eye lover or one who’d instead prefer a subtle and glistening makeup, there’s a stunning look in store for each one of you out there. Needless to say, what’s topping the charts this season are smokey eyes, bold eyebrows, bronzed cheeks, and ombre lips.

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