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Pearlite Tavleen Kaur Dhingra
Pearl Academy – School of Creative Business

Zwina – A wardrobe full of hopes and happiness
From a moment of truth in her childhood to a noble cause, Tavleen wishes to answer the needs of unique people with unique clothing that has all the fashion elements intact. A special store for special people is in the pipeline…

Long before she enrolled for the Fashion Business Management Program at Pearl Academy, Tavleen Kaur Dhingra’s sharp eyes sized-up a situation. Like all school girls, she kept a keen eye on her teachers’ wardrobe and noted that her English teacher had a very limited wardrobe as she was wheelchair-bound and had little choice. This left an indelible stamp on her mind, little knowing that this would turn into her profession someday. Today, she is poised to introduce a line of clothing for people who do not have full functional mobility. There are online buying facilities and much more….

During her academic years at New Delhi campus, Tavleen’s enquiring mind probed and analyzed the market and understood the needs of various segments that do not have full functional mobility. Currently, the clothing available for the differently-abled is adaptive, drawing more attention to their disability and lacks a fashion element. Also physically challenged people fall in different categories such as wheelchair-bound, dependant on crutches, having prosthetic (artificial) organs or with limited mobility.

The huge workforce of differently-abled people who are active members of the society is a growing target market. Tavleen’s research and business plan includes a store and detailed step-by-step marketing strategy. Her plan includes a special store ‘Zwina’ selling branded clothing with a tag that says ‘Unique Clothing for Unique People’. The garments will be stylish, flattering and convenient to wear. Shopping for them will be a pleasurable experience and also easy.

“Pearl Academy has been extremely supportive in every aspect of the project. From giving the right direction to the plan to teaching me the design concepts and helping in the business aspect of the idea, my teachers were always there. I think Pearl is one place where we get the right environment to channelize our thoughts, get the expert advice and make our dreams a reality.” Tavleen says with conviction.

First Asian to enter the finale of prestigious James McGuire Business Plan Competition, 2014
Mentored by Shazia Amanat and Anup Sasidharan

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