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Tap 'Tappy' to spread smile! - Pearl Academy

‘Your Smile is your most beautiful accessory, don’t forget to wear it.’

It’s a chaotic world today. We humans are too busy with our personal and professional responsibilities/liabilities that we forget about everybody else. We forget that being a citizen of a state or a country, there are some responsibilities towards our society that we need to have. Arya Vijayan, a student of Pearl Academy (New Delhi), didn’t want to be just another girl in her colony. She wanted to do something good. So, she decided to fulfill her social duties by making people smile!

Smile is a happy, friendly expression that curves the end of the mouth slightly upwards. It is considered to be the most powerful yet very contagious expression that has the power to spread a positive in any sort of environment. Arya wanted to exploit this humongous power of smile. She came up with an idea to make an app for social good and named it ‘Tappy’. This app uses technology for building awareness in the users and also inspiring them to do something good for the society. The app engages the user in various interesting ways and it aims at reducing stress in our lives as well as to raise funds for Operation Smile (India), an NGO which provides free surgery to children who are born with cleft deformity.

Another interesting concept by Arya is the ‘Natter Doc-Online Interactive Service’ which aims at enabling people to speak confidently about themselves to strangers. The project will works towards enhancing friendly interactions, positive attitude and growth of individuals to fulfill daily tasks.

The target audience for this project is the 18+ age group that includes all the college goers, freshmen, working adults and juniors. The motto of this interactive service is to create a friendly and secured environment for all the people who are scared of facing unknown people with different backgrounds and cultural identities. By being a part of this online interactive service, one can meet, interact and share his views on topics of common interest.

Arya has found her passion, have you?


***Please note that this is a final year project by our student Arya which was exhibited during PORTFOLIO’15 (annual graduating event by Pearl Academy). This blog is aimed at highlighting the talent and creativity of Arya. Since, it was a project, the name of the NGO is hypothetical which Arya used in her project. The concept and project information are original.

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