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Swearing by the code Orange - Pearl Academy

Keeping true to its values of maintaining Gender Equality and contributing towards ending all forms of violence against women, Pearl Academy has recently joined hands with the London College of Fashion. The two colleges have come together to commemorate the 20th anniversary United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women (UNTF) in 2016, under the umbrella of the ‘ORANGE LABEL’ project organized by University of Arts, London.

The United Nations Secretary-General’s Campaign UNiTE to End Violence against Women has proclaimed the 25th of each month as “Orange Day”, a day to raise awareness and take action to end violence against women and girls. As a bright and optimistic colour, orange represents a future free from violence against women and girls, for the UNiTE Campaign.
On 26th July, Pearl Academy hosted a series of panel discussions across its Campuses- Delhi West, Delhi East and Mumbai. The event was centred on bringing about the stories and anecdotes narrated by the panellists themselves and initiating an atmosphere of dialogue with the young minds. The discussion invited questions and observations from the audience who showed ample interest and concern towards the issue.

The series commenced with the Delhi West campus on 26th morning and witnessed attendance from the diverse set of panellists: Ms. Monica Dhawan- Head of India Vision Foundation, Ms. Jaya Bharti- Psychiatrist, Mr. Dhrupad Krwa- Co-Founder & CEO of HaikuJam, Ms. Megha Mishra- NGO Atijeevan Foundation, Ms. Nidhi Mittal- Designer, and Ms. Nina Sangma- Quint Journalist.

The panellists shared insights on the position of women vis-à-vis society. That how women themselves have been participating in their own exploitation by succumbing to the status quo set by their male counter parts. And hence, becoming the inevitable part of the hegemony persistent in the society for centuries. The discussion went on to highlight ‘Education’ as a source of emancipation, underlining the importance of developing the faculty of reasoning and training them with the skill sets so as to enable them to gain financial independence.
The discussion also touched upon the importance of art, literature, performing arts, etc in acting as a medium through which the victims or survivors of different types of violence could vent their fury and anxiety. That how artistic expressions can be used in channelize anger into creating creative communications that can be shared with the world.

The panel discussion culminated with the thought provoking insight by eminent panellist Megha Mishra, that the world needs little deeds of niceties in our everyday lives to curb many small and big acts of violence. Students also shared how fashion and design bring along responsibility and that art can be used to create awareness of equality in both men and women. And, that the onus lies firstly with the women (mothers) themselves to raise their sons properly and take the prime action to end violence against women and girls.

Stay tuned to read more on the panel discussions from Delhi East and Mumbai…

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