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Stylise your Next Yoga Session - Pearl Academy

‘Yoga’– the very word radiates peace and tranquility. In simple terms, the ultimate goal of Yoga is to control an individual’s mind and the soul.


The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, which essentially means to join or unite. Now, there is a long list of western spiritual gurus spreading the word too. Around the world, there is a visible increase in the growing meditation movement happening including your town or city. Hip-hop moguls are writing books about it, movie stars blogging about it, the yoga centres are packed with stretched bodies and quiet minds. In short, Yoga focusses on calmness, control and flexibility, so clothing should not interfere while achieving these goals.

This newly cropped up craze is getting a lot of attention from the fashion fraternity too. And, the internet is buzzing with their views on the simple and comfy but stylish yoga wear. Here is a guide on how you can practice a healthy yoga in a stylish avatar this season:

The Right Top: Keeping our prime focus on the comfort factor, one should select a top which is fashionable and exudes your confidence level. Especially, for the contemporary women, there is a wide range of tops designed for yoga such as tanks, T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts. Yoga-specific attire should be stretchy, soft and moisture wicking, and many yoga companies use organic or biodegradable fibres. Cotton and linen would work perfectly for a hot and intense yoga session.

The Perfect Bottom: Unrestricted or free movement is the most important factor while selecting bottoms, so make sure the material is comfortable and fitted and does not require adjustments while holding postures. Any type of athletic clothing will serve this purpose if yoga-specific clothing is not attainable.
A pair of Tights or Leggings: If you are a bit hesitant about trying something new or extravagant during your first yoga session, a pair of leggings will save your day with ease. A perfectly tailored pair of leggings will allow you to get into flexible poses without any discomfort.

Layering: Many brands around the world produce layering pieces such as long-sleeved thermal hoodies and lightweight zippers. These are perfect to wear during cooler weather when traveling to a yoga class or to wear in a room that may be cold. Layers can also aid in raising core temperature and loosening muscles during the warm up and prevent chills during final relaxation when the body is not producing as much heat.

Add some Spunk to your overall outfit: Jewellery and accessories are a big NO while attending a yoga session. To add some bling to your plain look you can try funky headbands or hair tie, stylish gloves or wristbands that will come also come handy while performing high intensity yoga sessions. It will certainly rev up your glam quotient to the next level.

A Yoga Bag: A bag will become your perfect partner to keep all your essentials in place without any hassles. Most of the yoga classes can get awfully sweaty and you might get tired at the end of the session. Carrying a clean towel and a sipper in your bag would save your day in this hot n humid summer.

The Yoga mat: It’s always a nice idea to have your own personalized yoga mat. A nice cushioned thick mat will allow you super comfort while trying innovative and complex yoga postures. Your yoga mat will become your perfect buddy the next time you step out.

Personal Tip – Light colours and earthy tones harmonize well with yoga’s Zen effect. For fashion divas, yoga clothing can be found with design details like rhinestones, prints and embroidery.

Regardless of gender, the best clothing to wear for yoga is anything that you’re comfortable to move in. Dress in clothing that allows the skin to breathe and your body to move in any direction without getting stuck or caught on anything. The less bulky or fussy, the better it will be.
The world is investing in this beautiful soulful practice of Yoga, are you?

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