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Steps to become an interior designer - Pearl Academy

So, you want to be an interior designer? Well, there are designers and then there are professional designers. What separates the two is training in an interior design school or taking an architecture course. You can make a living as a decorator, but if you want to be taken seriously, it will be wise to join an interior design institute and study interior design and all its intricacies.

First of all, of course, you must have great taste in interiors, but it’s not just about the feel of the right fabric for your upholstery or having fun with colour. An interior design course teaches you the technical aspects of design and gives you a strong foundation for your career ahead. There are several interior design courses in Mumbai, Delhi and other cities in India and abroad. Once you decide on your academic path, browse through their course structure and get started.

An interior design course sets you up with the skills and knowhow to design, homes, farmhouses, offices, hotels, buildings, a child’s nursery or just about any living space. You will be working with homeowners, builders, architects, government agencies, among others. It’s a profession that showcases great creativity and talent. An interior design college gives you grounding in design history, building structure, ergonomics, spatial concepts, computer-aided drawing (CAD) and more.

Being an interior designer is an art form, except that the spaces and furniture you create have to be functional and practical. You always have to keep the client in mind when designing a space. Remember, it’s not your home, but theirs that you are designing. You also have to look into mundane aspects like the plumbing, electric wiring, installing beams, making sure the structure is strong and resilient. An interior design institute makes sure you never go wrong in these essential factors. Didn’t we tell you it’s not all fun and games?

Becoming an interior designer also calls for being a people-friendly person. You have to wear your best smile and put your best foot forward at all times to inspire confidence in the client. While some people are very sure of what they want their home to finally look like, others expect you to lead them, but all are equally finicky. As an interior designer, you have to learn to walk the tightrope between their dream and your own vision for their project, whether it’s a home or an office complex. Your interior design and architecture course teaches you to work with look-books and make complex plans look easy on paper. Being well-versed in various streams of architecture and interiors allows you to experiment with various options.

If you’re sure you want to become an interior designer, it’s time to start applying to an interior design institute or a course in architecture. Learn your skills, develop your portfolio and make your mark!

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