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Sonam Narula - Product Departmentalization Display - Pearl Academy

Cottage Industries Exposition Ltd is a multinational company, it was established in 1978 by Mr. Abdul Rashid Mir.Regarding this study journals and articles related to Retail displays and merchandise presentation, Departmental display and product category management, Display settings and consumer response have been studied.

Objectives and Research Methods

1. To ascertain the impact of departmental displays on the overall merchandise presentation of the store.
2. To measure the difference in purchase intentions of the customers posts the application of product departmentalization.
3. To simplify the consumer buying decision and make convenient the management for employees.
The respondents have been selected using judgmental sampling technique. The exercise has been accomplished with the sample size of 50 Female and Male consumers in Delhi, South Extension.

The departmental display gives a comfortable shopping experience and complements to the complex consumer demographics. Although it is not a major decisive factor but it does influence the customer purchase intentions to quite an extent. Departmental display puts effort on individual product lines, therefore, increases buying. Also it makes merchandize management easier for the employees.

A difference of 3.5% in the sales has been noted after the application of department-wise display that is Rs. 6, 41,453 which very well reflects the significance of departmental display in Cottage Industries.

As argued in the introduction, the Indian Handicrafts Retail sector is of particular importance to the overall economy, and Cottage Industries Exposition is directly tied to it. With such varied product categories, the effectiveness of product departmental display is what is recommended by this study. By applying the same, we could track of what sells and what doesn’t and provide the right mix of the products to help increase sales for the company.

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